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Human Resources Consulting

HR advisory services tailored to your needs.

Trusted HR advice when you need it most

The workplace is evolving, and with it, employment legislation. Keeping pace with the change is the only way to foster an engaged, productive, and legally compliant workplace.

Our People Advisory team understands that when it comes to engaging and managing people, one size does not fit all.

We work with both private and public sector organizations to determine HR and workplace needs based on their unique challenges and opportunities.

We provide advice and ongoing support to help organizations ensure there is full alignment between business strategy, organizational structure, culture, and employees to position your organization for success.

Hands on experience

Our team offers comprehensive HR support tailored to your needs. We assist our clients in accomplishing their strategic goals and improve their bottom by leveraging the organization's greatest asset: its people.Our HR consulting services include:

Policy Development and Due Diligence
Performance Management
Legislative Compliance (ESA, OHSA, Pay Equity, AODA, etc.)
Skill Development
Leadership Guidance and Support
Organizational Design
Succession Planning and Transition
HR Review Compliance Audits
Compensation Review and Benchmarking
Retention Strategies
Workplace Harassment Investigations
HR Advice and Guidance (employee relations, training, return to work programs, and termination support)

Indigenous Communities & Organization

The needs of Indigenous communities, organizations, and businesses vary, and our advisory services and solutions deliver customized, actionable solutions. Our advisors are committed to listening, supporting, and strategizing to help Indigenous communities reach their goals—from self-governance to adopting advances in technology.

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Featured insights and offerings for Human Resources Consulting

Resources to support your business

The future of work: benefits to understanding your employee engagement levels

Employee engagement is critical to organizational success. Get brand new insights with BDO's employee survey tool.

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Top 5 challenges of a hybrid workforce and how to overcome them

With the increased use of hybrid and other remote work arrangements, the pressure is on for organizations, government, employers, and workspace-as-a-service providers to create flexible arrangements that meet health and wellness, and square footage needs. We walk through the top challenges and how to address them.

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The great resignation: How labour shortages are increasing business risk

Workers are leaving their jobs at historic rates. We outline some of the areas that pose the greatest risks to your business—stemming from both labour shortages and our new way of working—and solutions to address them. 

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Our Human Resources Consulting services are in your industry

Guidance and strategies that help your healthcare business expand, adapt to changing demands, and improve operations in spite of the massive challenges facing your industry.

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Solutions to address key challenges and complex issues—including labour shortages, government regulation, and economic volatility—to help you stay competitive.

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Helping your business meet high consumer expectations and growing demands for convenience while still reducing costs and boosting profit.

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Other services you may be looking for

From navigating the difficulties to discovering noteworthy prospects—we can help. Our team can assist with identifying, attracting, and retaining the best talent, while also ensuring your workplace is inclusive and transparent. With our help, your HR team can shift their attention to essential business capabilities.

Our approach to change management emphasizes establishing a basis for constructive transformation. Together, we empower employees and other stakeholders to learn more about the business motivation for any decisions and the effect it could have on both the organization and their positions.

Consulting with and integrating persons with disabilities in the accessibility process is of the utmost importance, which our team understands intimately. BDO provides accessibility solutions made for your organization's requirements—including, but not limited to—accessibility assessments, change management support, usability testing, employment system reviews, and feedback consultation.

Our Human Resources Consulting services support the stage your business is in

Growth strategies designed to match your business model, your goals, and your expectations.

Grow, expand & acquire

Modernize the way you run and manage your business to be relevant in today’s digital world.

Evolve, automate & transform

Maximize efficiency and performance of existing systems, processes, and people for greater financial growth.

Perform, assess & optimize

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