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The future of work:

Benefits to understanding your employee engagement levels


After years of resiliency and the demonstrated success of working from home, leaders are beginning to rethink the future of work. For many organizations, this means transitioning to a hybrid work model to enable flexibility and balance by making work more dynamic and distributed. As a result, leaders must look at employee engagement differently. We can no longer solely rely on in-person cues to get a pulse on engagement and overall job satisfaction.

One way to support this shift is through an employee engagement survey, which provides a channel for employees to share their perspectives and feedback. Additionally, a survey enables leaders to:

  • Make informed decisions and mitigate blind spots
  • Establish a mechanism for two-way dialogue
  • Allow employees to feel heard and valued

At BDO, we understand the value of employee insights. Research shows that engaged employees outperform their competitors in productivity, financial performance, and employee retention (Conference Board of Canada, 2016).

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Our Employee Engagement Survey is an anonymous survey designed to gauge engagement levels and provide leaders with insight into the overall perspectives and feelings toward critical workforce factors. Insight and actionable takeaways from our survey can help strengthen your organization in three keyways:

A survey serves as an essential listening tool. It establishes the foundation for two-way communication by providing a direct channel to each employee. Our Employee Engagement Survey gives insights into how people feel toward their work and the organization itself. For example, we explore topics such as employee satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, and whether your employee would recommend the organization to a friend. Analyzing these measures alongside other workplace factors can help leaders understand areas of their business where more focus is required.

Employees tend to be more engaged when senior leaders follow through with their commitments and feel confident about achieving the goals set out by the organization. Based on the survey results, BDO can work with leaders to identify strategies to strengthen employee trust, as well as the overall connection to their work and to the organization more broadly.

Another area our survey focuses on is the degree to which employees are willing to give back to the organization, both in terms of effort and loyalty. Our survey explores the degree to which the employee feels connected to their work, contribute to business goals, and perceive the job to be meaningful.

Employees generally embrace their organization more when they feel they are making genuine impacts in the workplace— simply put, involving them in decision-making and acting on employee input matters. Whether the work is interesting, and challenging is the strongest driver related to a sense of personal accomplishment.

Prioritizing employees' feelings towards their work, and the value they bring to their role can go a long way to building a stronger organization. It will help develop well-being and individual self-esteem, directly correlating to higher engagement scores. Our survey taps into employee relationships with senior leaders, direct managers and peers. Research published in the Harvard Business Review suggests that leaders who prioritize healthy relationships with their employees promote higher levels of employee engagement, better performance, and an ability to impact the bottom line.

BDO Employee Engagement Survey advantages

While many surveys on the market may address an employer's imminent data collection needs, the BDO Employee Engagement Survey goes beyond simple information gathering. Our team will work collaboratively with your organization to:

  • Conduct an anonymous employee survey to determine your employee engagement score of highly engaged, engaged, or not engaged.
  • Develop a report with insightful analysis and recommendations, including an action plan on the best way forward.
  • Facilitate a tailored leadership session, in-person or virtually, to increase acceptance, alignment, and commitment to recommended next steps.

Contact us to learn how we can help:

Robyn Ackerman, Leadership & Culture, People & Change

Deann Young, Leadership & Culture, People & Change

Marc Fournier, Partner, National Leader, People & Change

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