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Real Estate & Construction

Building opportunities to thrive, together.

Solid strategies from the ground up

Real estate and construction companies operate in a highly competitive, increasingly complex environment. Skilled labour shortages, changing government regulations, and economic volatility must constantly be assessed within the framework of short-term objectives and long-term vision.

In an industry susceptible to large-scale economic trends, BDO provides specialized services to help land developers, home builders, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and commercial real estate planners adapt to shifts in the market. Our team handles a range of complex projects including the structuring of international real estate, public-private partnerships (P3s), and multi-use properties.

Property Tax

We provide a personalized approach to optimizing property tax obligations. Our team of experienced professionals work with clients to understand property values, minimize tax burdens, and develop effective tax mitigation strategies—all aimed at significantly reducing overall tax liability for businesses in the real estate and construction industry.

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Real Estate Appraisals

Whether your business is looking to obtain financing, insure a property, buy or sell a property, dispute a property tax assessment, determine compensation for expropriated land, or optimize personal or corporate tax—BDO can help. Our integrated, national Real Estate Appraisal team digs into the details to create authoritative appraisals for every use case.

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Featured insights and offerings for real estate & construction

Resources to support your business

ESG in construction: managing risks and driving profits

Sustainability risk is both a significant challenge and the source of significant opportunity for the construction industry. Recognizing the challenges is key to mitigating the risks, helping to future-proof profitability.

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Preventing fraud in the real estate and construction industry

Even real estate and construction companies that have good systems in place to prevent fraud have still been victims of fraud scams. Being proactive instead of reactive is key, and that starts with recognizing fraud and the strategizing and planning accordingly.

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Guidance and advice that service the real estate & construction industry

Building trust with your stakeholders requires meeting regulatory requirements, adhering to accounting standards, and being transparent with your financial reporting. Our Audit & Assurance teams use their deep industry knowledge and access to the latest data to help you keep up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, including ESG reporting, complete complex audits, and meet tight deadlines.

Get an experienced, trusted team of advisors that knows your organization inside and out. We manage your operations and financials—including cloud accounting, payroll, CFO and controllership services, financial reporting and tax filings, and more—and empower you to succeed and thrive.

Disputes, fraud, and corruption threaten the reputation and assets of businesses globally. BDO's Forensic Disputes & Investigations team prevents, detects, and responds to such risks by applying a combination of forensic accounting techniques with investigative acumen.

BDO Tax professionals can help you remain compliant and stay on top of new developments. We offer a full range of integrated, multidisciplinary tax services that allow us to address multiple client issues—helping you streamline your tax operations.

Canada's host of indirect taxes can be overwhelming. BDO's Indirect Tax team understands the intricacies of Canada's tax rules and advises clients on the measures to identify tax efficiencies and drive value. We help companies manage their compliance obligations, improve cash flow, identify tax or duty recovery opportunities, and more.

BDO Private Wealth is a leading advisor to high-net-worth individuals, families, and their businesses—helping preserve and grow their wealth. We go beyond personal tax planning to deliver overall tax optimization, including estate planning and intergenerational transfers, structuring asset ownership, investment holding companies, trusts, foundations and partnerships.

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