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Risk Advisory Services

Helping you prepare for the unexpected.

Risk—inevitable, but not unmanageable

Every day, all types of businesses across a range of industries face uncertainties that must be managed carefully, proactively, and with proper guidance—especially regarding compliance and regulations.

BDO's Risk Advisory team helps clients stay ahead of evolving regulations with innovative, cost-effective, and third-party risk management solutions that give organizations peace of mind.

By managing risk through the establishment of effective internal controls and sound governance, your business can do more than just survive. It can drive more effective strategies and operations and take full advantage of opportunities, using risk as a driver for change and success. When done well, risk management not only future-proofs your organization, it helps you navigate stormy waters and unexpected headwinds.

Our partners are involved in every aspect of the engagement—providing internal audits, enterprise risk management, governance, compliance, independent evaluations, business resilience, privacy, and information security—to help provide increased productivity and decision-making on the issues that matter most.

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ESG considerations are becoming more important for businesses as stakeholders are increasingly interested in how a company's operations impact the environment, society, and governance practices. Here are some ways our Risk Advisory Services (RAS) group can assist our clients in managing ESG risks.

ESG considerations can create opportunities for businesses to create value, such as through increased efficiency, innovation, and brand differentiation. Our RAS team can assist in identifying and capitalize on these opportunities.

ESG-related regulations are increasing, and various entities—both publicly traded and private—will be required to comply with selected regulations to avoid legal and reputational risks. Our RAS team can help navigate the regulatory environment, understand what impacts your organization, and provide recommendations to comply with relevant ESG-related regulations.

ESG factors can have a significant impact on a company's reputation. Our RAS team can help your organization improve ESG practices to enhance reputation and stakeholder trust.

Our RAS team is following requirements closely and can assist with the identification of ESG-related risks—such as climate change, supply chain disruptions, and human rights violations—and provide recommendations to adequately manage these risks.

Our RAS team possesses the ability to assist with the integration of ESG risks into ERM programs.

Members of our RAS team can provide limited or reasonable assurance on ESG indicators, including climate footprints, as well as other measurables indicators.
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2024 Global Risk Landscape Report

Embracing an antifragile approach—a mindset that entails thriving under pressure by turning risks into opportunities—is vital for driving growth and success in today's business landscape. The 2024 Global Risk Landscape Report explores how risk leaders perceive emerging risks such as AI, geopolitical tensions, and supply chain uncertainty, emphasizing the dynamic nature of risk priorities in response to evolving business conditions.

Discover key insights and learn how risk leaders can effectively navigate these changes and capitalize on risks as opportunities in this year’s report.

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Our Risk Advisory Services are in your industry

Supporting the complex governance, risk, and compliance needs of your financial services business so you can focus on your bottom line.

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Helping governments at all levels leverage technology-based solutions and develop customized frameworks, creating better outcomes for citizens and public servants.

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Targeted solutions in key areas such as tax, R&D investment, and financial reporting to help you meet customer expectations in this ever-evolving market.

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Guidance to help strengthen your role as the glue holding communities together while providing strategies that can help your NPO make an even bigger impact.

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Guidance and strategies to help your business demonstrate sustainability, cut costs, and manage your risks so you can thrive.

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Our Risk Advisory Services support the stage your business is in

Secure your most important assets through critical, preventative, and corrective measures.

Secure, protect & investigate

Comply with the ever-increasing complexity of accounting, tax, and regulatory reporting requirements on an ongoing basis.

Comply with regulations

Maximize efficiency and performance of existing systems, processes, and people for greater financial growth.

Perform, assess & optimize

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