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Improving public service delivery.

Accelerate the pace of efficient citizen services

Governments and public service organizations must keep pace with innovation, find creative ways to remain relevant, be transparent to their constituents, and deliver services consistent with their objectives while investing in the future.

The government is complex and ever-evolving with departments, agencies, and organizations that require specialized expertise and experience to deliver services effectively and efficiently. We understand the unique challenges that the government faces, and we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide exceptional public services.

Our team has extensive experience working with federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government within Canada and around the world.

We have an accomplished record of helping the Government of Canada exceed public policy and service delivery goals for over two decades. From advising government clients on accessibility to helping develop one of Canada's most widely used mobile applications, our future-forward advisory team has expertise in business optimization, strategy and modern workplace, and solutions delivery in cloud and data to help you cut through the red tape.

BDO understands that federal departments and agencies have pressure to deliver quality services, create efficient processes, and establish new standards. Our expertise in cloud, cyber, compliance, risk, and performance reviews allow us to help these organizations drive towards improved efficiency and increased effectiveness.

In light of the ever-changing economic and political landscape, provincial departments and agencies are expected to create greater transparency, efficiency, and accountability in their activities. BDO helps identify and clarify stakeholder expectations, use data and technology more effectively, streamline processes, and develop the workforce.

It is essential that a municipality demonstrate its value to citizens and stakeholders, but shrinking budgets and the need to improve operations pose significant challenges. We use our extensive experience in addressing these issues to help municipal governments across the country meet growing constituent demands.

The needs of public sector agencies on the international stage can vary, and our team of experienced professionals understands the need to tailor solutions. We provide exceptional services to international governments, focusing on understanding the unique needs of the public sector, and strive to provide solutions that address the specific challenges and goals of these foreign organizations.

Featured insights and offerings for government organizations

Resources to support your organization

How to execute an effective public sector cloud migration strategy and overcome 3 key challenges

Canadians increasingly expect government at all levels to be responsive to their needs, and want programs and services they can access digitally, and that means embracing the cloud. BDO examines how public sector organizations can overcome challenges and achieve cloud success with an effective cloud migration strategy.

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Case study: How Transport Canada digitally transformed its air cargo risk assessment

As the federal government department responsible for regulating and monitoring the safety, security, and efficiency of Canada’s national transportation network, innovation is a key element of transforming Transport Canada’s air cargo risk assessment. Learn how our team of experts helped.

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Business stages for government organizations

Growth strategies designed to match your business model, your goals, and your expectations.

Grow, expand & acquire

Adapt and respond more quickly and effectively to the changing economic, legal, consumer, and market landscape.

Adapt, prepare & respond

Modernize the way you run and manage your business to be relevant in today’s digital world.

Evolve, automate & transform

Guidance and advice that service government organizations

Get an experienced, trusted team of advisors that knows your organization inside and out. We manage your operations and financials—including cloud accounting, payroll, CFO and controllership services, financial reporting and tax filings, and more—and empower you to succeed and thrive.

From navigating the difficulties to discovering noteworthy prospects—we can help. Our team can assist with identifying, attracting, and retaining the best talent, while also ensuring your workplace is inclusive and transparent. With our help, your HR team can shift their attention to essential business capabilities.

Do you need to develop an IT strategy that better aligns with your business objectives and supports future goals? We can help assess your existing infrastructure, find opportunities for enhancement, and produce a plan to meet future technology demands.

BDO Tax professionals can help you remain compliant and stay on top of new developments. We offer a full range of integrated, multidisciplinary tax services that allow us to address multiple client issues—helping you streamline your tax operations.

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