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Effective change management: Decoding organizational transformation


The rapidly evolving business landscape requires companies to adapt and innovate to remain competitive and relevant in the marketplace - pivoting to meet changing consumer demands by prioritizing sustainable and ethical practices, personalizing client experiences, and revising business models to respond to market demands.

Organizational leaders and employees are experiencing the transformational impact of emerging technologies such as generative AI. Uncertainty precipitated by organizational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and new service delivery model introductions can lead to periods of instability and divert a workforce’s attention from delivering on business imperatives.

The C-suite is all too familiar with how disruptive these transformations can be on employee morale and achieving operational objectives. While transforming established processes, structures, and cultures is necessary, recent studies have proven that only 34% of change initiatives are successful.

Navigating an organizational transformation requires forethought on what needs to be put in place, how to steer around significant obstacles and even the foresight to know when to change course if the initial approach is not yielding the expected results. BDO specializes in propelling change by designing and implementing effective strategies and approaches to manage organizational transformation, ultimately enabling people to work differently.

Our leaders in Change Management have cracked the code for implementing a practical and structured approach to change. The change formula is designed to maximize adoption and achieve transformational benefits faster. It has demonstrated improved employee morale, increased productivity, client satisfaction, enhanced organizational performance, and a smoother transition to the desired goals.

Goals set by leadership + Working-level desire + Active measurement of goal attainment = Change realization

The formula is rooted in our extensive experience in successfully leading transformative change. It is designed to foster a positive culture and establish sustainable change by prioritizing the human aspect of transformation, which includes employee engagement, training, and support. It also provides a clear roadmap for managing the change process and ensuring all necessary resources and support are available. By combining all three elements, organizations can increase the likelihood of a successful transformation.

Goals set by leadership

In any business transformation, the leadership team plays a critical role in setting the tone and direction for the entire organization. Through leading by example, providing clear communication and support, and modelling the desired behaviours, they can help to build trust and motivate employees to embrace change.

Understanding why change is necessary and supporting the transition is essential to build confidence and trust. Goals should be clear, concise, and measurable — providing an outline for achieving desired outcomes.

Our collaborative approach involves inputs from stakeholders across your organization. This ensures that the goals are aligned with your company’s overall strategy and vision and that everyone is on board with the set direction.

Working level desire

Studies show that over 80% of organizations manage change from the top down, but it’s worth noting that this approach may not always be the most effective. Organizations can increase the probability of change success from 34% to 58% by involving their workforce. Employee engagement is a critical component of realized organizational transformation. It helps organizations understand the current sentiment of their workforce, including their skills, motivations, and aspirations.

Through this process, we identify potential roadblocks and opportunities for improvement, enabling a more positive and productive work environment. Our team helps companies shape the employee experience by providing tailored training and development programs — designed to equip employees with the skills and knowledge they need to adapt to organizational change.

The value of gathering employee sentiments during the change process cannot be understated. Our tools and techniques help companies collect employee insights and feedback, enabling them to monitor morale and identify potential issues.

Active measurement of goal attainment

It is crucial to understand what success looks like for your organization and how to measure it iteratively during a transition. We help leaders define their goals and objectives and develop a clear framework for achieving them. We work closely with senior management to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and create a system that enables them to track progress and adjust as needed. With our expertise, you can confidently navigate the complexities of change management and achieve desired outcomes.

By regularly reviewing performance measures, organizations can make necessary adjustments and improvements to the change process, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a successful transformation. Active measurement also provides transparency and accountability, helping build stakeholder trust and confidence.

Change realization

Our experience has shown that by incorporating the above three factors, organizations can achieve effective change transformation that is people-centred, sustainable, and positive. All aspects of the formula are required to achieve the intended benefits of the transformation and for a real and fundamental shift in employee behaviour. Our change leaders have enabled the successful impacts of this strategy and are committed to continuing to work with organizations to achieve the outcomes their change transformations intend to achieve.

How BDO can help

Navigating your organization through change can be complex and challenging. Our team of experienced consultants can provide valuable support to ensure the success of your transition efforts. We work with leadership teams to build strategies and help them evaluate and plan for transformation. Sustainable change requires ongoing support and monitoring, so we provide tailored, start-to-finish transition plans to ensure the change is fully adopted and integrated into the organization’s culture.

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