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Managed Services

Drive increased ROI on your technology investments.

A strategic partnership for digital success

In today’s digital-first landscape, businesses must find the resources to meet more sophisticated technology requirements. Identifying the right solutions and strategies for your business is critical, but complex.

With the speed of technological change, a depth and breadth of understanding that goes far beyond the basics is needed to succeed. Businesses must find the resources to manage complex data and IT environments, digital transformation strategies, and ongoing maintenance needs. They must also ensure their technology investments align with their business goals—both organizational and financial.

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), we can help you embrace a forward-thinking technology strategy that not only positions your business at the forefront of industry innovation, but gives you the freedom to focus on big-picture ideas while we manage your technology needs. Partnering with an MSP offers a higher return on investment (ROI) that extends beyond dollars and cents: it improves efficiency, increases competitiveness, strengthens security defences, and ultimately positions organizations for sustained success in the digital age.

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Our approach doesn’t stop at technical updates—we help you achieve an enhanced ROI in an ever-evolving digital landscape. As new product releases, shifting consumer demands, and organic growth continuously reshape your organization's needs, we provide tailored support to ensure your technology keeps pace, enhancing operational efficiency every step of the way.

Recognizing that user adoption is key to driving your organization's success and realizing the full value of your investment, we prioritize it as a cornerstone of our approach to managed services. By fostering a culture of learning and adaptability, we help ensure that your team is not just using technology, but leveraging it to its full potential.

With our Managed Technology Services, your business can access the specialized knowledge of our seasoned professionals who live and breathe tech, allowing your in-house teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending valuable time and energy supporting, maintaining, and evolving complex IT solutions. Our experience extends to technology areas that include business applications, CRM & ERP, data and artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and multi-cloud management.

Our cross-Canada team, supported by our international delivery centres, serves hundreds of clients across the globe, efficiently addressing technical issues when they happen, conducting continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance, and seamlessly adapting strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Our extensive support includes proactive infrastructure monitoring, round-the-clock assistance, and scalable solutions tailored to fit your organization's specific requirements. Unlike other MSPs, our programs integrate a combination of reactive and proactive activities including the ability to evolve and secure your technology investments. We can also help you leverage advanced technologies that may be too costly or complex for your businesses to operate on its own.

Areas our Managed Services can help your business include:

  • Business Applications Managed Services
  • Dayforce Managed Services
  • Digital Managed Services
  • Data and AI Managed Services
  • Managed Cybersecurity Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Managed Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Managed Services (includes Dynamics 365 Customer Experience, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Dynamics 365 Finance, and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management)
  • Managed IT Services
  • Managed Multi-Cloud Operations (includes Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud)

Our offerings are tailored to meet specific client needs, industry requirements, and technological niches, providing added value beyond traditional, one-size-fits-all solutions. Our differentiated program allows for us to address more complex or unique challenges faced by businesses, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and competitive advantage.

Value-added solutions that elevate Managed Services

Our Managed Services support the stage your business is in

Adapt and respond more quickly and effectively to the changing economic, legal, consumer, and market landscape.

Adapt, prepare & respond

Modernize the way you run and manage your business to be relevant in today’s digital world.

Evolve, automate & transform

Maximize efficiency and performance of existing systems, processes, and people for greater financial growth.

Perform, assess & optimize

Secure your most important assets through critical, preventative, and corrective measures.

Secure, protect & investigate

Our Managed Services are in your industry

Helping agribusiness navigate risks and disruptions to create strategic financial plans, growth solutions, and seamless transitions.

Helping your business meet high consumer expectations and growing demands for convenience while still reducing costs and boosting profit.

Guidance and strategies to help your business demonstrate sustainability, cut costs, and manage your risks so you can thrive.

Supporting the complex governance, risk, and compliance needs of your financial services business so you can focus on your bottom line.

Guidance to help strengthen your role as the glue holding communities together while providing strategies that can help your NPO make an even bigger impact.

Providing accounting, tax compliance, talent management, and legal services so you can focus on the intricacies of operating your business.

Helping governments at all levels leverage technology-based solutions and develop customized frameworks, creating better outcomes for citizens and public servants.

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