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A unified solution for sustainable long-term growth.

Rewrite the rules of retail success

The future is now for retailers. The online-merge-offline (OMO) model is one solution to the challenge of uncertainty and forecasting sales in a changing economy.

It allows retailers to tap into existing ecommerce platforms, optimize customer-centric experiences, and promote collaboration like never before.

We’re combining the expertise of our retail and technology professionals to accelerate the OMO model and empower all sectors of retail—from grocery and beauty to DIY—to navigate the future.

Featured insights and offerings for the retail industry

Resources to support your business

You receive an unexpected offer to buy your business - what do you do next?

Receiving an unsolicited offer to buy your business can be flattering, but also brings many questions. How do you decide that it’s time to sell?  Ask yourself some basic questions to start.

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Growing your retail business during uncertainty: M&A considerations

Retailers that weathered the pandemic and managed to grow and succeed may be in a position to expand. For some, exploring a mergers & acquisition (M&A) strategy is an option and should start with assessing what they are looking for in a target acquisition.

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Business stages for the retail industry

Growth strategies designed to match your business model, your goals, and your expectations.

Grow, expand & acquire

Adapt and respond more quickly and effectively to the changing economic, legal, consumer, and market landscape.

Adapt, prepare & respond

Guidance and advice that service the retail industry

Building trust with your stakeholders requires meeting regulatory requirements, adhering to accounting standards, and being transparent with your financial reporting. Our Audit & Assurance teams use their deep industry knowledge and access to the latest data to help you keep up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, including ESG reporting, complete complex audits, and meet tight deadlines.

BDO Tax professionals can help you remain compliant and stay on top of new developments. We offer a full range of integrated, multidisciplinary tax services that allow us to address multiple client issues—helping you streamline your tax operations.

When your business faces defining moments including business transformations, periods of growth, navigating recovery, and M&A transactions, significant value is at stake. We can provide engaged and hands-on professionals to help improve your value and guide you through the triggers of value creation—from revenue decline to market disruptions.

Businesses across all industries are adopting advanced and emerging technologies at a much faster rate than ever before. Solutions driven by data and AI are powerful assets to help you stay competitive in current markets; but they aren't without vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive, end-to-end cybersecurity services can help you mitigate the risks and strengthen your defences against cyber crime and attacks.

Navigating a major business transition can be difficult. Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive counsel to help you find the right path forward for you, your organization, and those who depend on it. BDO's Licensed Insolvency Trustees recognize the financial strain of debt and are here to provide you with personalized guidance on a range of solutions toward debt relief.

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