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Capital Markets & Public Company Services

Reimagining growth while adjusting to a changing market

Understanding the complexity of private and public markets

Capital markets and public companies have an interconnected relationship. Public companies rely on capital markets to secure funds for their growth, while capital markets depend on public companies for investment opportunities.

Private equity (PE) firms also contribute by providing capital and expertise to privately held companies, supporting their growth and improving operations. Both public and private companies face challenges such as regulatory reporting requirements, IPOs, corporate governance, and shareholder demands.

BDO applies innovative technology to audits—improving precision and analysis, combined with an extensive global network, and highly experienced, industry-specialized professionals. Our people, processes, and technology are underpinned by a global audit approach that enables our engagement teams to deliver high-quality services to our clients. 

We also have experience in a number of other areas. Our professionals work with organizations to improve their internal controls, including U.S. SOX, resulting in many advantages across the business. We can also advise you on developing areas of risk as your business evolves.

How BDO can help

Reporting that reflects your performance

Your corporate reporting presents your business performance and your overall management, so accuracy and transparency are a public company's best tool for raising capital. Your reporting must adhere to established accounting standards and—depending on what markets you plan on raising money in—your choices are normally International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), or U.S. GAAP.

BDO's experience with financial reporting, audit quality, and accounting standards for public companies runs deep. Our team uses modern digital tools to provide data-driven insights that allow us to offer quality assurance, timely resolution, and knowledge of regulatory reporting requirements to reporting issuers—including audit, quarterly reports, ESG and sustainability, and special reports.

We are committed to proactively working with you to understand your business, guiding you through continuous disclosure requirements for listed companies and staying on top of new rules or requirements for public companies.

Helping you put the right governance structure in place

Corporate governance is one of the many moving parts associated with your organization's plans to go public. There are specific rules and regulations around the governance board structure of a public company—from the size of the board to the governance structure that best matches your business goals. Putting off understanding and applying best practices is a mistake. When you establish a solid corporate governance structure early, you are setting a positive and professional tone with potential investors.

Your corporate directors must be prepared to address a host of complexities, especially as they relate to regulatory changes, and must also successfully balance the interests of many different parties that include shareholders, management, customers, and suppliers. Choosing your board is a vital decision.

BDO's team of experienced advisors can help you determine the right corporate governance measures using a collaborative approach. We examine how the board functions with key committees and management, review how strategic decisions are made, and determine how business performance is evaluated—all with stakeholder expectations in mind. We use a robust infrastructure of accounting and advisory resources to tailor the right advice for your industry and region.

Clearing the way to successfully becoming a public company

When a privately held company goes public it's a significant milestone—a reflection of years of personal investment, time, and energy. Going public provides opportunities to access capital to expand or to provide the right exit point. But while a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) is both an end goal and a new starting point, the path to getting there requires carefully planned steps.

BDO's experienced IPO advisory team knows each step. We help business owners weigh both the merits and the drawbacks to determine whether a public offering is feasible or desirable under current circumstances. We focus on the detailed preparation required for each step of the road to going public.

From the IPO prospectus to the on-going guidance that a newly public company needs to continue down the road to success. From International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to preparing complex accounting memos. From providing detailed forecasting and projections to accurate revenue recognition. Wherever you are on your going public journey, we know the steps and we take the time to get to know you to provide advice you can trust.

Compliance as a competitive advantage

The regulatory landscape is ever-changing, and local has become global even for domestic organizations.

Successful businesses are able to recognize the opportunity to turn the cost of new compliance technology into an investment. Our team can help by not only looking to simplify systems and processes, but by creating value based on authentically and objectively assessing your compliance needs—helping to forge confident investor and stakeholder relationships.   

BDO's team of public company advisors works with clients to assess the current governing business structure against the rules and regulations of relevant jurisdictions. Using our proprietary methodologies and tools, we assist clients at all stages of their lifecycle. Our risk advisory professionals provide guidance on creating internal controls that are aligned to regulations while reflecting your organizations’ specific circumstances, objectives, and goals. 

ESG for public companies

ESG is incredibly important for today’s businesses. It is no longer a factor that a business should consider—it’s a necessity. If public companies want to keep their access to capital markets and position themselves for continuing success, investing in an ESG plan is vital.

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Our Capital Markets & Public Company services are in your industry

Reliable information and guidance to manage evolving regulations, new business models, and emerging technology trends to stay ahead of the curve.

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Solutions to address key challenges and complex issues—including labour shortages, government regulation, and economic volatility—to help you stay competitive.

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Guidance and strategies to help your business demonstrate sustainability, cut costs, and manage your risks so you can thrive.

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Other services you may be looking for

The lean finance departments of today require external support, knowledge, and experience. Whether it's investors, management, or auditors who need accurate financial reporting to make informed decisions, BDO's Accounting Advisory professionals communicate the facts that matter and why they matter, simply and clearly.

Businesses across all industries are adopting advanced and emerging technologies at a much faster rate than ever before. Solutions driven by data and AI are powerful assets to help you stay competitive in current markets; but they aren't without vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive, end-to-end cybersecurity services can help you mitigate the risks and strengthen your defences against cyber crime and attacks.

Our Capital Markets & Public Company services support the stage your business is in

Growth strategies designed to match your business model, your goals, and your expectations.

Grow, expand & acquire

Adapt and respond more quickly and effectively to the changing economic, legal, consumer, and market landscape.

Adapt, prepare & respond

Comply with the ever-increasing complexity of accounting, tax, and regulatory reporting requirements on an ongoing basis.

Comply with regulations

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