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Data & AI

Driving end-to-end innovation.

The ability to capture, leverage, and action data is key for businesses to be successful

From advanced analytics for real-time insights to using AI to augment business processes, implementing data and AI solutions is the most effective way to gain a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Leveraging our capabilities, we bring to the table a uniquely wide range of in-depth industry knowledge along with a highly experienced team of data scientists, engineers, and visualists to help you successfully execute your innovation journey. We work closely with you to better understand your business, tech maturity level, use cases, and challenges so we can build the solution you need to meet your business outcomes.

Innovation is about continuous improvement. Built on decades of demonstrated experience, our custom solutions enable you to:

  • gain real-time insights that will help you make better, data-driven decisions;
  • visualize your data through interactive dashboards to find efficiencies and new revenue streams;
  • predict and test outcomes with AI and advanced machine learning models;
  • optimize processes through automation; and
  • build personalized customer experiences into your products and services.

Our award-winning data platform, HeroPath, leverages best-in-class, cloud-enabled components such as Databricks, Synapse, Data Lake, and Power BI, with accelerated infrastructure for fast results.

As an end-to-end technology solutions provider, we strive to ensure our clients are always competitive and agile.

Our capabilities

Our full suite of Data & AI solutions is made up of the following key services.

Veteran consultants and advisors that understand the data journey and work together with your stakeholders to ensure a successful evolution of your specific data needs.

Certified in tools such as Azure, Databricks, Denodo, and more, this team is responsible to ensure smooth, secure, and efficient data pipelines to ingest and process data into the platform.

Experts in Business Intelligence and reporting systems such as Tableau and Power BI, the Visualization team brings your data to life in a compelling and understandable view.

With a variety of educational backgrounds and skill sets, Data Scientists work to normalize, process, and analyze data using best-of-breed techniques in AI and machine learning.

Data in action

Transport Canada engaged BDO Digital to build a modern data solution that leverages AI to improve their risk-based oversight. Our data professionals developed a screening platform that automated risk-assessment, greatly increased capacity, and saved the team thousands of work-hours.

“Knowledge that used to come from reports that could take up to three weeks to complete, is now at the teams’ fingertips in less than a minute.”
Transport Canada
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Work with an award-winning AI team

BDO Canada has won the 2023 Microsoft Canada AI Impact Award for utilizing Microsoft technology to deliver transformative AI solutions to businesses across Canada.

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Innovation amplified: BDO and Microsoft collaborate again to take GenAI to the next level

BDO Canada announced a significant step forward in their collaboration with Microsoft through the utilization of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service enhancing the firm’s ability to build custom and effective solutions for Canadian businesses. 

Discover the possibilities ahead

Featured insights and offerings for Data & AI 

Resources to support your business

The future of financial services

The financial services industry has been prominent in utilizing the data at hand and has expanded its business infrastructure with AI tools to address complex challenges in areas such as risk management and revenue generation.

Explore what the future holds for financial organizations and how data, AI, and risk management remain atop the key issues every business should address. 

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Time is money: How data analytics & AI can help you find efficiencies to improve business outcomes

As an executive decision-maker, you know that time is money. Whatever your industry, from transportation, to energy and manufacturing, finance, and even the public sector, inefficient processes always have a negative impact on your bottom line. But did you know that Data Analytics and AI can help you use both more efficiently?

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Our Data & AI services support the stage your business is in

Modernize the way you run and manage your business to be relevant in today’s digital world.

Evolve, automate & transform

Growth strategies designed to match your business model, your goals, and your expectations.

Grow, expand & acquire

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