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Canadian businesses spend 70% to 80% less on digital transformation than their U.S. counterparts, decreasing their competitive advantage in the digital age.

Unlock the art of the possible

Digital transformation is imperative in today's fast-paced world. And it’s not just about technology; digital transformation is a cultural shift that empowers you to adapt, evolve, and thrive in an increasingly dynamic and disruptive landscape. 

Many businesses recognize this, but struggle to identify and secure sufficient funding to power their digital transformation strategy. Others require additional guidance to understand which tools best align with their objectives and pave the way for successful outcomes. 

Our integrated team can help you leverage government incentive programs, including grants, tax credits, and zero-interest loans, to navigate the cultural shift, embrace innovation, and thrive in the digital age.

Our technology team’s impact

How we’ve empowered our clients with cutting-edge digital solutions

Looking to improve your operations? Discover how we’ve helped Canadian businesses across a range of sectors with digital solutions that solved their toughest challenges.

Our client struggled with siloed decision-making, outdated reporting limited their ability to make real-time decisions, and a heavy reliance on manual processes made analyzing scenarios expensive. Once we identified the appropriate systems to invest in, our team created an integrated three-year roadmap, helping them achieve their growth ambitions. 

Our client was able to increase efficiency and make faster data-driven decisions. With the help of our scalable roadmap, they anticipate a 10X return on investment.

NASCAR partnered with BDO to modernize its system and processes. Our experienced team built a customized, data-driven credentialing software application that offers a unique user experience, streamlines the guest check-in process, and provides NASCAR with real-time data analytics that opens new possibilities they never had before

Our client invested in automated packaging to remain competitive with large, publicly funded organizations. However, labour shortages forced them to further streamline backroom operations. We helped them move to cloud-based accounting, integrated with their existing workflows and suppliers. The new system enables them to understand financial limits and ensures staffing issues don’t impact operations or client services.

Our client was using slow legacy systems and manual processes that were time-consuming and labour-intensive, and increased the risk of error. We helped them leverage our award-winning HeroPath data pipeline—a secure, scalable, and cloud-based data analytics solution that leverages automation and AI for more efficient and effective processes. With access to near real-time reporting tools and an interactive visualization dashboard, our client saved thousands of work hours with timely and proactive data analysis.

Our client was beginning to experience rapid growth, but fragmented data management systems hindered their progress. To achieve their expansion plans efficiently, they required a streamlined development process that would cut costs and reduce the time to market.

Our team leveraged automation tools to formalize a consolidated, consistent way of organizing and analyzing data, empowering the organization to make informed decisions and better projections more rapidly. With these changes, the company was able to increase productivity and simplify highly complex procedures.

An organization identified the need to future-proof its business and contacted BDO for support. It wanted to add value and cost savings, and knew it needed to improve its backend systems to drive operational efficiency and growth within a multi-stakeholder environment.

Working with BDO, our client evaluated their existing legacy systems and new opportunities and created a digital roadmap to have information flow seamlessly throughout their systems, enabling operational scalability and a more seamless customer experience. 

Our client’s goal was to create a workplace where employees felt connected, regardless of physical location, could complete tasks efficiently, and spent less time looking for information and switching between applications. 

We leveraged our Modern Work DNA framework to conduct a series of workshops to determine the maturity level of the workplace and identify the key challenges and opportunities. This resulted in a modern workplace design, strategy, and roadmap with initiatives and timelines to help our client utilize the right technology for their workplace and reach their employee engagement goals. 

Our client, a Canadian not-for-profit organization, wanted to improve their fragmented digital landscape, laborious manual processes, inconsistent standardization, and limited operational agility. Our team worked with the organization’s leadership team to understand their unique challenges across people, processes, technology, and governance. Based on these insights, we developed a holistic set of recommendations outlined in a comprehensive digital strategy roadmap. 

As a result, our client could make informed decisions with confidence and realize their longer-term vision and objectives.

A large-scale transportation company engaged BDO to build a modern data solution that leveraged AI to improve its risk-based oversight. Our data experts developed a screening platform that automated risk assessments, significantly increased capacity, and saved the team thousands of work hours. The outcome allowed leadership to access valuable insights and information within minutes when previously, it took up to three weeks to obtain the same data.

A Canadian manufacturing company wanted to reduce the downtown and high costs of manual scheduling systems. To optimize the scheduling process and improve overall efficiency, BDO leveraged data expertise to create algorithms specific to each plant’s constraints and operational requirements. These tailored algorithms streamlined the scheduling workflow, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the company.

Unlocking funding opportunities in the manufacturing sector

By leveraging automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and other technologies, manufacturers can streamline workflows, reduce costs, and overcome the challenges associated with labour and skills shortages.

Our team can help manufacturing companies identify and secure the right funding opportunities to fuel their digital transformation initiatives.

Innovate and excel

Funding innovation in the technology sector

In the fast-paced world of technology, companies often direct their focus outward, emphasizing the development and enhancement of products to meet customer demands. Internal operations often take a backseat, an oversight that can lead to inefficiencies, communication gaps, and missed opportunities for growth.

We are well-positioned to help technology companies integrate digital solutions into their internal processes to create a more agile, adaptable, and efficient organization. From automating routine tasks to implementing data-driven decisions, digital transformation can position your business toward sustainable long-term success.

Thrive through innovation

Solutions to address today’s most pressing challenges

Digital transformation, data management, and data analytics open a world of unprecedented possibilities for businesses ready to embrace change. From enhanced operational efficiency to improved customer experiences, the art of the possible becomes a reality.

We work with you to understand your business goals and help you make the right technology investments at the right time. Some of the capabilities we can help you implement include:

Navigate the landscape of government grants and incentives for digital transformation

Our SR&ED and Government Incentives team has years of experience helping companies navigate the complicated landscape of government incentive programs to fund innovation, expansion, talent, green initiatives, and export. We work with a broad range of clients, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise organizations, supporting them through the entire application process.

Your organization may be eligible for a variety of grants based on your size, industry, and geographic location. Our team can help you identify which grants will best align with your characteristics and objectives.

Fill out the form to speak to a member of our team to understand how we can support your business through its digital transformation.

A few of today’s key grants and incentives

Speak to our team to identify grants and incentives right for your organization.

Provides up to $15,000 in funding to create a digital roadmap to help your business. Approved projects are also eligible for a $100,000 zero-interest loan to implement digital transformation.

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  • Digital Modernization and Adoption Plan (DMAP) – Receive up to $15,000 to retain the services of a Digital Adoption Consultant (DAC) to develop an effective digital strategy and digital technology adoption plan to transform and grow. BDO Canada’s SR&ED and Government Incentives team is certified as a DAC.
  • Technology Demonstration Program – Following the development of a digital modernization adoption plan through an approved Digital Adoption Consultant, companies can receive up to $150,000 in reimbursement funds for the implementation of the technology solutions outlined in their DMAP.

Eligible companies can receive a 10% tax refund (up to $2 million) a year for qualifying investments in buildings, machinery, and equipment for use in manufacturing or processing in Ontario.

Companies in Quebec can receive a 10-40% tax refund on the purchase of new equipment including software management systems like customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other information management systems.

Provides Quebec-based organizations with a non-repayable contribution of up to $100,000 for approved expenses (up to $100,000 for each project) for a digital adoption assessment/feasibility study. An additional 50% assistance can be granted for eligible expenses for the diagnostics, plans, and implementation of digital solutions.

  • The Jobs and Growth Fund (JGF) – Atlantic businesses can access funding to support digital technology adoption focused on improving productivity and process automation.
  • Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) –Helps Atlantic businesses adopt new technologies to stay competitive. 

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