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Top three reasons your business should migrate to the cloud


With today’s challenging economic conditions, we are committed to helping current and future clients transition to the cloud to reduce IT costs, protect your business from cyber-attacks, and modernize productivity. Maybe you have considered investing in cloud technology, but don’t know if the right time is now. We’re sharing the benefits of cloud computing for small- and medium-sized businesses—and information on how you can make the transition.

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1. Reduce IT costs

Migrating to the cloud can help your business reduce IT costs as you modernize your infrastructure.

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On average, 31% of an organization’s technology is made up of legacy systems.
(ITPro, 2023)
Gear and wrench
Maintaining those systems can be a costly burden, with an average of 60-80% of IT budgets allocated to keeping them running.
(ITPro, 2023)

Legacy systems require expensive and onerous maintenance and a mixture of various third-party solutions missing key features may further contribute to IT issues. Many are overpaying for technology due to expensive extended warranties, legacy support agreements, financial penalties, and vendor lock-in agreements. You need a practical roadmap including access to important planning tools, cloud cost calculators to help budget, and powerful migration tools to get you there efficiently.

Avoiding cyber attacks

2. Protection from cyber attacks

A cyber breach can seriously hurt your bottom line and reduce a customer’s confidence in your business.

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Small businesses are the target of 43% of attacks—with the average cost of a data breach reaching US$5.64 million.
(IBM, 2023)
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A data breach can lead to 65% of consumers to lose trust, while 85% might stop engaging with the organization.
(Business Today, 2021)

Reducing the risk of expensive security breaches can help alleviate concerns about security. Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure are investing billions each year in cybersecurity technology.

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3. Modernize productivity

Remote and hybrid work environments are more common than ever, but some existing technology stacks cannot support these scenarios. Failing to modernize could be damaging your team’s ability to work together and maintain efficiency.

Did you know...

Nearly half of all workers say they would leave their employer due to ineffective technology.

Attracting and retaining top talent could be difficult if you don’t overhaul legacy technology and adopt tools that empower your teams’ workflow. Adopting cloud brings tools that integrate seamlessly into your team’s workflow, while fusing intelligence and automation in everything they do. Your teams can easily communicate, collaborate, boost creativity and drive maximum results by adopting a simplified and consolidated technology platform.

Making the transition to the cloud

Getting the most out of a transition to the cloud starts with a holistic plan that’s purposeful and pragmatic for your organization. Our range of services from planning to digital enablement solutions can help your business begin its modernization journey. 

Organizations need to evaluate their current systems and software processes with the aim of improving and migrating using a roadmap of recommendations. Your plan can come together by analyzing your current state, reviewing operational goals, technology costs, productivity needs, cybersecurity needs and looking toward finding the best modernization opportunities. From here, you can migrate seamlessly and move toward optimizing your new solution. 

Microsoft 365 for Business - Benefits per user from a three-year period in USD.

Let BDO guide you

When it comes to your small- or medium-sized businesses, we have extensive knowledge of your operations across all areas and functions. Our broad services support your growth and future plans.

BDO considers the whole picture to include integration and enablement, rather than just technology adoption. Our technology services are about helping you get the most out of your tech stack to improve the way you operate. There are many ways that businesses can benefit from cloud computing—we can help you achieve your goals.

Do you want to learn more about our services? Fill out the form on our website to request a free consultation.

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