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Managing a business or non-profit organization is difficult and costly, but in today’s economy the pressure has never been higher for Canada’s small- and medium-sized businesses and organizations. The following strategies will help you overcome these challenges and achieve your strategic objectives.

You could be overpaying for your existing technology infrastructure, whether that involves legacy systems requiring costly and time-consuming maintenance, or a patchwork of various third-party solutions missing the necessary features. 

Continuing to rely on outdated technology could be swallowing 51% of your entire IT budget (The Ame Group, 2017).

Did you know 43% of all cyber attacks target small businesses and organizations—with the average cost of a data breach reaching $5.64 million USD (IBM, 2023)?

Becoming a victim of a cyber breach can seriously damage your bottom line and reduce trust in your organization.

Remote and hybrid work environments are the new normal, but your existing technology stack may not support this. And it could be hurting your team’s ability to collaborate and maintain productivity.

Nearly half of all workers also say they would leave their employer due to costly, ineffective technology. 

BDO can help you streamline operations to reduce cost, enhance data security and risk management, and improve productive collaboration with the right cloud solution.

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Cloud success stories from small businesses

Get more productivity, better security, and save money when you maximize the value of your technology investments. Meet small businesses that used Microsoft cloud to leap forward.

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Solutions to move your organization forward

Leap forward by choosing from one of our tiered packages and then customize to your needs:


We can assist across the full spectrum of technology. Outside of these three core packages, we can help you meet your broader organizational goals with any additional services you need spanning: business systems and applications; cloud infrastructure; data, analytics and AI; cybersecurity; and managed services.

Technologies we implement and support

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Are you ready for the cloud? Self-assessment

Are you considering migrating your business to the cloud but feeling uncertain that it is the right decision? Our self-assessment tool is designed to outline crucial decision factors to confirm you are confident with your decision.

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Resources to support your business

If you haven’t been investing in cloud technology, you should consider how this transition could benefit your business. Cloud computing for small- and medium-sized businesses makes a huge difference in operations.

We have helped clients access capital to upgrade technology systems and assisted with software modernization. Our team works with diverse businesses—helping them find solutions.

Work smarter, adapt faster, and perform better by connecting sales, service, finance, and operations in one cloud platform–Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You’ll have access to real-time data and insights across your business to make better decisions.

In today’s economy, your business needs strategies to help reduce IT spend, improve security posture, and enable productivity and innovation. In this webinar, we’ll expand on each of these strategies and share how moving to the cloud can better serve you.
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Professional mountaineer jumping across a crevasse

Why BDO?

For the last 100 years, BDO has been the leading professional services partner for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses and organizations across Canada. We’ve been there for clients from their founding days to IPOs.

We’re dedicated to helping you save money and achieve your strategic objectives. You may be eligible for government or other incentives for digital transformation projects, and our team can connect you to the right ones.

Our team has years of experience developing and deploying Microsoft-based solutions for clients. We’re also a global Microsoft Security Partner of the Year, which means our security capabilities are industry-leading. 

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