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GST/HST recovery opportunity for builders of residential rental properties


Builders of residential rental properties may have an opportunity to recover GST/HST that was overpaid during their GST/HST self-assessment process at the time a newly constructed or substantially renovated residential rental property was first occupied. A recent Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) communique outlines its position that the fair market value on which GST/HST is to be self-assessed excludes any GST/HST that is included in the appraised value. If you are a builder that self-assessed GST/HST on a value that included an amount of tax, a potential recovery opportunity may be available to you.

How BDO can help

If you have been required to self-assess GST/HST on the construction or substantial renovation of a multiple unit residential complex in the past few years—or will be required to do so in the future—we can assist with:

  • determining whether the FMV was adjusted to take embedded GST/HST into account;
  • determining potential recoveries of GST/HST paid in error;
  • ensuring all eligible input tax credits have been claimed; and
  • ensuring GST/HST new rental property rebates are maximized.

For further background information on previously announced GST relief rules, read our article GST relief announced for new residential rental properties.

For more information on how our advisors can help, contact

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