• People & Values

    BDO’s culture and work are driven by values
    that define who we are and what we stand for.

Guiding Principles, lasting results

BDO’s vision is to be the best professional services firm in the mid-market. By investing deeply in relationships, we do our best to help our employees, clients, and communities thrive.

We are committed to cultivating a workplace that encourages and supports inclusion and diversity. As part of this commitment, the firm has a Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer. BDO believes every employee should have the opportunity to participate and succeed.

Our values – embodied by our professionals and the work we do – guide us from day-to-day, and define how we go about achieving our purpose. They allow us to build deeper relationships with our clients and to maintain an inclusive working environment that promotes collaboration and teamwork.

 Quality in all that we do
  • Strong sense of professionalism, urgency, commitment and loyalty
  • An enthusiastic devotion to service
Honesty and Integrity
  • Honesty means being open and transparent
  • Integrity means we do what we say
Accountability for our actions and results
  • We take ownership at both an individual and collective level
Respect for ourselves, each other, our clients and our communities
  • Understanding that we are all different and that we all have great things to offer

Our Behavioural Expectations

Being part of BDO means performance isn’t just about what we’ve achieved, it’s also about how we:

  • Communicate effectively and collaboratively
  • Lead towards a common goal – no matter your role
  • Collaborate to accomplish common goals and objectives
  • Solve Problems and recommend/implement solutions
  • Act with Professionalism by working in a respectful, ethical, confidential, and independent manner
  • Complete Quality Work in an effective and timely manner
  • Serve Clients, internally and externally, by providing excellent service and fulfilling client expectations