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Boomerang spotlight: Naren Rajput

For Naren, choosing accounting as a career was a natural fit, and his time at BDO has reinforced that sentiment. His journey in the accounting profession has been defined by both his deep passion for the field and his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients.

After starting his professional journey at a Big Four firm in India, Naren embarked on a new chapter when he relocated to Canada and joined BDO in 2019 as a Senior Accountant. Subsequently, he briefly ventured to a Vancouver-based accounting firm before rejoining BDO a year later. Today, he holds the position of Senior Manager and works remotely, contributing to the Calgary office's success.

As an accomplished accounting professional, Naren has faced both challenges and opportunities throughout his twelve-year career—including moving from India to the U.S., and then to Canada.

"My passion for accounting has always been unwavering. It never occurred to me that any other career could be a viable option," Naren affirmed. “I particularly enjoy the problem-solving aspect, as clients often come to me seeking technical advice and solutions for their concerns. It's an energizing feeling to be able to help them through their various situations,” he added.

When asked how BDO has allowed him to grow as a professional, Naren shared,

Naren has accumulated a wealth of experience across India, the U.S., and Canada, collaborating with diverse clients and geographically dispersed teams. Transitioning from one metropolitan area to another, and from one country to the next, has presented its unique set of challenges. Understanding diverse cultures, identifying nuances, and meeting expectations has always been the primary focus for Naren.

“I sincerely want to thank the partners group here at BDO for always having my back and for always sharing wonderful opportunities with me,” Naren said.

It was in India when Naren had his first opportunity to work closely with BDO for one of his hotel industry clients. During this experience, he became acquainted with BDO's culture, and vast member firm network.

Kara Kempin
“I developed a strong bond with BDO's UK team. Witnessing how satisfied they were working for BDO was a huge reason why I decided to join the firm. And when I joined BDO, that feeling remained the same. I had the opportunity to share my insights and ideas with managers and partners, this helped me not only excel in my career, but also provide top-tier client service, to the best of my ability.”

This same sentiment drew Naren back to BDO after a year away. "I missed the work culture and the mutual respect that has been a hallmark of BDO since day one," he explained.

For any accountants just starting out, Naren offers this advice, "building a strong professional network is crucial for newcomers in any field. It's important to connect with as many people as possible. By having a reliable network, you have access to technical support and guidance from peers, managers, and partners. A larger network also increases the potential for future business opportunities.”

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