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Safeguarding data amid COVID-19

How a manufacturer stepped up its cybersecurity posture


The organization

Spurred by a global pandemic, this game-changing maker of unique cleaning products knew it needed to reduce its cyber risk profile. With the accelerated production of its products and increased spotlight on company growth, they realized a boost to their cyber resilience was inevitable. That’s when they turned to BDO.

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The challenge

Solving for an unprecedented now

How do you move quickly to remain cyber vigilant and prepared during COVID-19 while equipping leaders for the unknowns of what's next?

With the sudden surge of remote working and distance learning, the cyber risk landscape has grown exponentially. Targeted attacks on video conference calls, spear-phishing and malware scams are rising to take advantage of both human and system weaknesses within the organization and beyond its perimeters.

What started as an initial discussion about their current security posture, including their processes and IT infrastructure, led to developing a robust security plan that brought a cross-collaborative approach to navigating real-world scenarios and outcomes.

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The solution

Assessing systems, policies, and process

"To define the scope of work necessary to improve their security posture, we advised on conducting multiple network penetration tests," says Vivek Gupta, the national cybersecurity lead at BDO consulting. "Given the business requirements for the client, we knew how important a thorough and varied cyber assessment of the organization and its systems would be to greatly reducing risk."

What followed next were two additional tests: a compromise assessment and a cyber risk assessment, which collectively exposed some out of patch systems and vulnerabilities that could allow a hacker to elevate their privileges, gain additional access, and then potentially steal data thereby causing a breach.

The assessments identified out-of-date and non-existent policies and procedures, which led to crafting new ones to ensure they stay protected and connected across the enterprise. In addition, we delivered cybersecurity awareness training for their employees.

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The outcome & benefits

In two short months, our client understood the most pervasive threats to their organization. They became aware of the cybersecurity do's and don'ts, discovered the open backdoors for a hacker to exploit, and learned how to devise strategies to keep them closed.

By educating and empowering their workforce to identify and report malicious activity, their newfound policies will guide them on how to safeguard their cybersecurity controls and processes well beyond the pandemic.



No matter where you are on your cybersecurity journey, we'll cover all your assessment needs in a single engagement—both today and as your security requirements grow or change in the future.

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