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A modern childcare management solution


In the upcoming years, childcare services are expected to significantly prosper as a result of many factors—one being the government initiatives that make childcare programs more accessible and affordable to families.

Childcare providers need to consider how they can capitalize on the growing market and strengthen their strategies to address the projected volume and optimize their operations.

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Leveraging technology to boost efficiency

BDO Digital's KinderSync solution enables childcare operators to effectively leverage automation and information technology, ensuring they are well-equipped to manage their organization’s registration and report system. 

Implementing a company-wide management information system will help your organization to decrease administrative costs and increase the ability to focus on childcare and compliance. Using a fully integrated childcare registration solution, KinderSync provides real-time, up-to-date information in a centralized, holistic view, across all business lines.

Why KinderSync?

Our end-to-end solution allows childcare operators and guardians to reap the benefits of automation. We help solve many issues facing the industry, including:

Empowering the industry on multiple levels

KinderSync provides a framework for innovation and business growth. The solution encompasses more than just operational benefits; it also extends to additional levels covering different angles in the long run.

  • Less time adjusting for changes in registration.
  • Better attendance tracking.
  • Improved subsidy reporting for municipal subsidy claims.
  • Improved management of unpaid attendance with a quicker reaction time.
  • Real-time visibility of records with child-based reporting to support different family models.

  • Integrated management of changing government subsidies.
  • Multiple funding regions.
  • Provide a modernized approach to managing childcare through automated billing structures for both center and home-based care.
  • Provide secure and accessible data and attendance tracking capabilities.
  • Support richer data, such as food allergies and immunization records.
  • Reduce manual work and support peak registration periods, waitlists, camps, and attendance – all in one affordable solution.

  • Provide a secure parent/guardian portal to manage proprietary data such as a child’s name and age, as well as strong governance over the custody of the data as it is captured.
  • Enable payment information and transacting to be automated and secure, and place governance on the chain of custody of proprietary data.

Real-time and up-to-date information at your fingertips

Centralized management and ease of use also define our system. KinderSync allows staff to easily access accurate and current information, right when they need it.

Registration for available services
Access registration for available childcare services and summer camps, organized by the center and program.
Payers and payments
Access details about payers and payments, including shared payment arrangements.
Contact information
Access contact information about parents and/or guardians.
Waiting lists
Access the internal/priority waiting list for available childcare services and summer camps, organized by center and program.
Enrollment lists
Access important information about enrolled children, including allergies, medical conditions /restrictions, vaccinations, adults approved for pickups, emergency contacts, municipal grant details, recent photos, and more camps, organized by the center and program.
2021/2022 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications
Gold Microsoft Partner

The Microsoft web application will also allow staff to:

  • Update a child’s information, such as allergies, vaccinations, medical conditions/restrictions, and more.
  • Register a child in daycare for pedagogical days.
  • Register a child for summer, Christmas, or spring break camp.
  • Complete registration for a child on an internal/priority waiting list for childcare and daycare services, upon invitation.
  • Renew or decline re-enrollment of a child for the next school year.
  • View list of completed payments and date of following scheduled payment.
  • Update data relating to direct/pre-authorized debits.
  • Communicate by email with parents/guardians or payers using preconfigured templates.
  • Document changes in parent/guardian contact information or payment agreements.
  • Consult internal/priority waiting lists for programs and/or sites of interest.
  • Invite parents/guardians to complete pre-registration when a place becomes available or to renew registration for the next school year.
  • Generate registration lists using models or saved views that are exportable to excel.
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Project growth

KinderSync is a repeatable and scalable solution, making it ideal for center-based and home-based childcare providers. As there are hundreds of such organizations in Canada, we anticipate significant account growth over the next two to three years.

A proven solution

For a childcare organization with several centers, as is the case for La Coccinelle, having immediate access to centralized, up-to-date information regarding registrations and contact information is imperative.

Our innovative Power Apps Portal also allows parents and guardians to use self-serve mode to view and maintain their child’s health and immunization information, notify a center of their child’s absence, and co-approve registrations in the case of shared custody.

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Innovate today

BDO Digital’s solution helps you seize the advantages of government subsidies and other grants, and ensure compliance with government regulations, which are necessary to position your organization as a leader in childcare services.

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