• Accounting Advisory Services

    Our services are tailored to help businesses of all sizes grow.

From principle to practice

In today’s environment, experienced advisory services are more important than ever to correctly interpret and apply accounting standards.

BDO’s Accounting Advisory team provides high-level consulting services such as assistance with the adoption of new standards, as well as financial reporting implications that growing enterprises face as they enter into new markets and transactions. We have experience serving the needs of many different clients, including owner-managed businesses, large private and public companies, not-for-profits, and government organizations.

By tapping into deep industry knowledge, our professionals help address the risks, challenges, and opportunities specific to your business. BDO professionals serve as members of various standard setting committees and boards.  We have valuable insight on pertinent compliance and regulatory matters that allows us to stay on top of relevant developments and be a part of the standard-setting process. It also means we can provide a perspective that supports the needs of our stakeholders while balancing the needs of new standards.

We have extensive knowledge of the accounting standards that are applicable to businesses in Canada, including International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE), Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations (ASNPO), Public Sector Accounting Standards (PSAS) and Accounting Standards for Pension Plans. In addition, we also have experience and knowledge in applying US GAAP. Our thought leadership provides guidance and keeps clients informed of industry developments. And for those who require international resources, our expansive global network offers access to the issues most relevant to them, no matter where in the world they do business.