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    Leverage the power of technology without compromising security

Customized cybersecurity solutions you can rely on

Today, businesses across all industries are adopting advanced and emerging technologies at a much faster rate than ever before. Solutions driven by data and AI are powerful assets to help you stay competitive in current markets; but they aren’t without vulnerabilities. Compounded with the hybrid models of the modern workplace and complex political and economic climates, it’s no surprise that cyber threats are always increasing.

In cybersecurity terms, standing still is going backwards. Building a comprehensive cybersecurity program is the only real way to mitigate the risks and minimize the negative impact they can have on your business.

We leverage our expertise in both technology and industry to offer end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to help you:

  • Assess your threat levels and build a roadmap best suited to your needs
  • Plan and execute a program that will strengthen your cyber posture in the short and long term
  • Manage risk by continuously augmenting your program as you grow and as threats evolve

Our cybersecurity services include:

Application security

Improve your business resilience by enhancing the security posture of your custom applications using a programmatic approach. We work hand-in-hand with your development team, IT teams, and business stakeholders to implement application security techniques within the code development process, enabling teams to reduce the time and cost of remediating security defects.

Cloud security

We help organizations assess the evolving landscape and apply security controls to overcome challenges such as unrestricted access, data exposure, misconfigurations, and visibility.

Our full range of services includes cloud security transformation advisory, cloud enablement, and cloud governance and compliance. Recognizing that you can’t protect what you can’t see, we also offer cloud security posture evaluation services, where we conduct a targeted evaluation to identify gaps across cloud infrastructures, ensuring you have visibility into all areas of cloud deployments to allow for continuous monitoring and response.

Cyber risk management and transformation

Our security assessments enable you to harness your business’s current state of maturity and make informed, long-term decisions on process improvements and technology investments. Our goal is to empower your company’s security team to identify and mitigate threats specific to your industry and business needs through targeted and tailored cyber strategies. We build a comprehensive, long-term plan to help future-proof your business against cyber harm so you can transform, operate, and grow with confidence.

Managed detection & response (MDR)

Our MDR service leverages core security tools and human-based research to help maintain visibility over your organization’s critical assets, monitor for threats in real-time, and respond swiftly to ensure you are protected.

Our 24 x 7, year-round service monitors your security status to identify events of interest, respond to and investigate incidents, and take swift action to mitigate threats to your business.

Offensive security

Our Offensive Security and Penetration Testing identifies and exploits vulnerabilities across the attack surface of an application, network, or system using real-world attacker techniques. By performing these tests from the lens of an adversary, we can help you identify weaknesses in your attack surface and inform patch schedules or code defect remediation before threat actors can impact your business.

Our service supports multiple types of testing across diverse platforms, including black box, white box, and grey box testing, as well as adversarial simulations.

Threat hunting

We proactively search across your information systems to detect and isolate threats that may evade existing security defences. Our service helps you defend your digital assets through clear outcomes and measurable results, continuous improvement, containment and remediation support, and our extensive experience in cyber operations.

Almost every hunt provides value by identifying gaps in the existing security posture that would otherwise have gone undetected. We support you from the early stages of detection and throughout the period of threat containment and remediation to ensure any active threats are removed.

Threat intelligence

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) service reduces the impact on your business by identifying cyber threats to your organization, your industry, and across the regions in which you operate.

We provide access to near real-time warnings, threat trends, curated cyber intelligence, and structured intelligence methodologies sourced from the national security community, allowing you to be informed about the most likely and most dangerous threats as they occur globally.

Vulnerability management (VM)

A cornerstone of an effective cybersecurity program, vulnerability management is an ongoing operation of identifying vulnerable assets that threat actors can easily exploit. With the exponential growth in technology, the need for end-to-end visibility of vulnerabilities is critical and is made effective by understanding and prioritizing remediation actions.

The VM service yields many benefits, including the ability to effectively manage vulnerabilities associated with your critical infrastructure, and the dexterity to scale in line with your evolving technology environment and attack surface.

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