• Scientific Research & Experimental Development

Incentive to be innovative

The most valuable features in business today are people and ideas – in particular, people with ideas. To make these ideas a reality, these innovators can take advantage of the Canadian Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program that rewards businesses with some of the most generous incentives in the world. However, with federal and provincial changes to legislation, technical amendments, and evolving administrative policies and court cases that impact the SR&ED program, staying up-to-date with the program is required to maximize the chance of success.

Whether developing or improving a new product, working to reduce the environmental impact of your manufacturing process, or working on the next generation of technology, BDO’s SR&ED practice helps clients to access significant amount of tax refunds or credits. Under Canadian tax law, benefits for qualifying SR&ED expenditures include eligibility for investment tax credits (ITCs), full tax deductions in the year expenditures occurred, and the ability to ‘pool’ SR&ED expenditures. In addition, most provinces offer additional incentives for qualifying activities.

BDO’s SR&ED practice mentors clients to ensure they meet program requirements, file the necessary forms and reports, and ultimately improve the chance of success with the SR&ED program. Our highly experienced team are informed by deep industry knowledge and includes engineers and scientists who work with our clients to understand the SR&ED program and its eligibility requirements.  With over 100 offices across Canada and as a member of the BDO international network, which spans more than 150 countries, BDO provides seamless and consistent cross-border services where required.