How To Prevent An Equifax-Type Data Breach In Your Company

September 20, 2017

Sam Khoury, Partner, National Financial Services Leader
National Third Party Assurance Leader
Glenn Agro, Partner |


The recent Equifax cybersecurity data breach resulted in the theft of as many as 143 million consumers' financial and personal records.

The mistakes made seem obvious in retrospect, but for many companies the breach is a worrying reminder that an ineffective cyber program can be costly and cause irreversible reputational damage.

To help you understand the issues, we have created a whitepaper to help you understand potential pitfalls and avoid an Equifax-type breach within your organization.

The “How to prevent an Equifax-type data breach in your company” whitepaper is designed to help you understand the potential causes of a data breach, and advise you on what you can do now to ensure your cybersecurity program is safe and secure.

You will gain insight into:

  • The Equifax data breach – what we know
  • How to spot crucial pitfalls as you develop your cybersecurity strategy
  • How to achieve a complete cybersecurity control framework
  • Strategies you can adopt to avoid cybersecurity ineffectiveness

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