Smart city architecture: a blueprint for building urban infrastructure

June 26, 2019


Transforming a city into a smart city can bring long-term benefits and opportunities for sustainability and innovation for both citizens and businesses. However when undertaking an integration initiative of this magnitude many issues can surface. A well-established plan coupled with active stakeholder engagement can clear the path to realizing this new urban infrastructure vision. But how can a smart city project get off the ground? What are the steps? Who can provide smart city implementation guidance?

As a leading provider of advisory services for Canadian municipalities interested in smart city applications, BDO Consulting has prepared a comprehensive guide to help determine and define the necessary steps to successfully launch your smart city initiative including:

  • building engagement among constituencies
  • how to identify gaps in existing infrastructure, skills, and core competencies 
  • the role of the Smart City Advisory Board
  • how to determine and support your smart city’s destination brand 
  • essential elements that your smart city action plan