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    Expanding your business internationally?
    Begin the journey with this video series.

Expanding beyond Canada’s borders is one proven way to boost your company’s bottom line. Going global offers you new business opportunities to stay competitive — whether in the U.S. or beyond.

The question for Canadian companies: How can they make the most of their business opportunities when they go global?

In this video series, BDO professionals share answers to the most pressing tax questions companies face on their journey abroad.

How to Get Started When Taking Your Company Global

Expanding your business internationally raises a host of questions. In this video, BDO’s Dave Walsh elaborates on the most important tax points to keep in mind when creating an international business strategy — in the U.S. or globally.

The Truth About Transfer Pricing

What do you need to know about transfer pricing when expanding into the U.S.? In this video, BDO’s Dan McGeown answers that question and shares practical tips to incorporate into your business strategy.

Talking About Tariffs

For importers and exporters, managing customs and tariffs is critical when navigating the Canada-U.S. border. In this video, BDO’s Charmaine Goddeeris explains how to create a global strategy.

Can You Use SR&ED When Doing Business in the U.S.?

Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development program supports Canadian innovation. In this video, BDO’s Craig Mulcahy explores why you need to consider SR&ED when moving operations south of the border.

Why U.S. Tax Reform Matters to Canadian Companies

In this video, BDO’s Dan Lundenberg explains why U.S. tax reform matters for Canadian businesses — whether they are considering a U.S. expansion or are already doing business there.

Where Does Tax Fit in Your Global Expansion Strategy?

Tax and business strategy go hand-in-hand when a business expands globally. In this video, BDO’s Harry Chana guides you through the process of building an international tax strategy.

The Surprising Risks of Moving Employees Abroad

How can you navigate the ins and outs of moving employees across borders? In this video, BDO’s Debra Moses shows how companies can get control over their global human resources strategy.

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