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Navigating the modern workplace

Address employee burnout and unlock your team's potential with Dayforce


Today's workforce is walking a tightrope, trying to balance their professional responsibilities while also experiencing burnout.

According to Dayforce's 14th Annual Pulse of Talent report, only 42% of surveyed workers believe their company truly understands their burnout levels, signaling a gap in understanding and support. This disconnect highlights businesses' need to adapt and prioritize employee well-being.

Impacts of a changing workplace

The modern workplace is undergoing continuous change. While necessary, organizational changes, from restructuring to new technologies, can also introduce uncertainty and stress among employees. The mounting pressure to adapt to organizational changes can affect employees' mental health, increasing stress levels and amplifying turnover risk. Organizations face the challenge of retaining their top talent without adequate support mechanisms. 

Additionally, a lack of empathy from leadership can exacerbate the feeling of burnout. When individuals feel undervalued or unheard, their motivation dwindles, decreasing productivity and performance. Also, cost-cutting measures involving eliminating employee benefits can have unintended consequences on team dynamics and efficiency.

Key takeaways

Understanding employee challenges empowers businesses to develop programs and communication that improve well-being, boosting morale, productivity, and reducing turnover.

of survey respondents interested in AI-powered development opportunities.
said new tech investments increased their productivity.
believe a more empathic workplace would improve their work life.
say their employers effectively communicate organizational changes.
Two professionals give each other a hi-five as a third colleague look at them.

Top recommendations from Dayforce’s Pulse of Talent report

A strong 80% of survey respondents expressed interest in AI-powered development opportunities. These tools go beyond personalization, offering features like automated skill mapping and internal mobility paths to empower employee growth within the organization. Moreover, AI streamlines tasks, freeing up valuable time for higher-level development pursuits. This efficiency boost aligns with the reported 69% increase in productivity among workers thanks to new technology investments.

Cultivating a culture of empathy is crucial to addressing burnout and well-being concerns. An overwhelming 90% of respondents expressed that more empathy in the workplace would make a positive difference in their work life, with the potential to build trust and significantly improve employee morale and overall well-being. 

A one-size-fits-all approach to benefits is not sustainable anymore. Employees wish for flexibility and benefits that align with their specific needs. Offering such options can significantly boost engagement and satisfaction. 55% of respondents admitted to potentially putting in less effort if a critical benefit was eliminated.

Creating a platform for effective communication and engagement is instrumental in mitigating the adverse effects of change within the organization. By utilizing surveys and technology for employee feedback, organizations can address and alleviate the adverse impact of workplace transformations, fostering a more harmonious environment.

How BDO can help

As a leading partner of Dayforce, BDO is uniquely positioned to assist you in retaining top talent in today's dynamic market. We provide unparalleled access to the most experienced Dayforce strategists and implementation consultants. With our deep understanding of human resources best practices and cutting-edge technology, our team offers a comprehensive approach, guiding you from people strategy to people technology. Arrange a consultation with our team today and discover our transformative impact on your company's talent retention strategy.

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