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What issues top your agenda?


Leading in business is an around-the-clock job—especially these days. Given the stakes, it’s no wonder critical questions sit top of mind.

We know, because we’re asking these questions too. The answers guide how we help business leaders grow, evolve, and exit. And they spark the conversation we’re all conducting about the future of business.

This page is a space to start that conversation. We invite you to explore seven key questions business leaders are asking, and the ways we help answer them.

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How do I grow my business?

Growth means different things to different organizations. For some, growth is organic, building on past success to generate more revenue. Others look outside the organization. They grow ‘inorganically’—by buying another business, for example. Either way, the way you grow needs to fit the way you do business.

Here are some of the ways we help businesses like yours grow:

  • Buy or merge with another business—mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Integrate an acquisition into the organizational structure 
  • Expand revenues with new products or services 
  • Move into new territories to reach new groups of customers
  • Create strategic partnership and alliances, such as a joint venture
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Am I adapting quickly enough?

 The COVID-19 pandemic redefined the scale and speed of change. Yet business leaders have always known that speed of response gives the business an advantage. From shifts in the marketplace to increased regulation to changing buyer behaviour—you adapt by tracking the trends and charting a response. 

Here are some of the ways we help businesses like yours adapt:

  • Redefine the company’s strategic direction
  • Reorganize the business
  • Shift staff roles and retrain workforces 
  • Deploy modern technologies and data assets 
  • Assess systems and staff for redundancies

How do I map my compliance needs to business goals?

The tax, legal, and accounting requirements that businesses face have only increased in complexity. With environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting becoming more central to a growing number of companies, compliance is even more challenging. To tackle this complexity, businesses need to align their many compliance needs with their business goals. Done right, compliance can help your business grow. 

Here are some of the ways we help businesses like yours comply:

  • Reduce the overall tax burden on the organization
  • Develop internal controls and governance to satisfy all stakeholders
  • Plan international tax strategies to manage cross-border activity
  • Align financial reporting with the long-term goals of the business
  • Identify ESG risks and opportunities 
  • Help your sustainability reporting stand up to stakeholder scrutiny

What if my business could perform better?

Talent. Systems. Processes. These three elements spell success or failure for any business. But performance isn’t an either-or. As your business continues to evolve, we recommend you investigate whether new methods can improve how you operate. Dedicating your attention to these three foundations may elevate your organization’s effectiveness—and boost the bottom line.

Here are some of the ways we help businesses like yours perform:

  • Modernize operations by rethinking processes and workflows
  • Implement performance tracking systems for all stages of the business
  • Increase employee buy-in with change management and communication strategies
  • Make better business decisions by effectively deploying data assets
  • Assess legacy systems and update as necessary, for operational excellence

Is my business really secure?

In today's digital world, no business is immune to cyber crime. Executives need to secure their networks and sensitive data to avoid cyber fraud and targeted cyber attacks. While prevention is key, early detection is a fundamental need for modern businesses. True cyber resilience is a continuous program that evolves your technology enablers and prioritizes training for employees. 

Here are some of the ways we help businesses like yours secure their assets:

  • Apply best practices in cybersecurity and fraud prevention to avert financial crime, business interruption, and reputational losses
  • Identify and safeguard your critical information assets
  • Continuously reinforce vulnerabilities in IT systems and financial transactions
  • Recover financial losses by pinpointing sources of financial crime and corruption
  • Implement incident response and recovery plans to accelerate remediation

Why is digital transformation important to my success?

Like the best New Year’s resolutions, the most effective business changes are those that last. That’s why we see digital transformation as a launching point—not the final destination. The future has a knack for reinventing itself. Your success depends on matching its demanding pace.

Here are some of the ways we help businesses like yours transform digitally: 

  • Introduce modern analytics and artificial intelligence for better decision-making
  • Connect processes and devices with the latest technologies, such as the Internet of Things
  • Conduct readiness assessments to prepare the organization for a major change 
  • Migrate systems to the cloud to spur collaboration, meet customer needs, and safeguard security
  • Create technology roadmaps, matching the organization’s technology needs to specific solutions
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What's my exit strategy?

Getting out of the business creates a complex set of decisions. The biggest decision? Whether to sell the business—on the one hand—or identify a successor, step back from the business, and transition your role. No matter which path a business owner takes, we help them preserve their legacy.

Here are some of the ways we help business owners like yourself exit the business:

If selling the business
  • Generate the highest possible return from a sale by increasing the value of the business
  • Reduce stress and risk with a suite of services that cover the gamut of transaction needs
  • Protect and grow wealth with estate, tax, and investment strategies
If identifying an internal successor
  • Develop a succession plan that is realistic, fits the business, and accommodates the family’s specific interests
  • Launch leadership development programs to identify and assess internal candidates
  • Coach and advise business owners on how to communicate decisions to the family
  • Protect and grow wealth with estate, tax, and investment strategies

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