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Active Assure

Managed Cyber Security Services.

How effective are your cybersecurity defences?

Change is constant. As your business continues to evolve, changes in enabling technologies will impact your threat profile. Therefore, your supporting security program must be equipped to evolve and adapt with your business and other emerging technologies. Continuous testing of your cybersecurity defences provides peace of mind knowing the controls and process flows are working as designed and as expected.

BDO’s Active Assure program provides confidence through cyber simulations that test your security posture and quickly identify areas for improvement and remediation. The goal of the program is to provide you with continued strength and confidence in your security systems.

The value of continuous testing and remediation

Introducing new business services, enabling new technologies, and integrating third-party tools can contribute to an ever-changing threat profile. It is imperative that cyber defences and controls are continuously adapting with evolving business environments to remain effective. BDO's Active Assure solution keeps your security program current and relevant through continued confirmation, while removing the risk of a false sense of security.

What is included in Active Assure service?

  • Ransomware simulations that provide real-world scenarios to test your resilience.
  • Continuous testing to help visualize control failures and identify weak points that can be quickly repaired.
  • Counter-measure testing (also known as purple teaming) to simulate attack chains from initial access to data exfiltration.
  • Real-time assurance to effectively identify weaknesses before it’s too late.
  • Eliminate weak spots that increase risk and drive continuous testing and improvement of controls through validation.
  • A full picture of gaps within your security configuration, complete with personalized dashboards to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

All-in-one cyber protection, detection, and response

BDO Perpetual Defence is a multi-layered approach to security that works cohesively to provide comprehensive coverage across your entire network.

Learn how our Active Insights and Active Assure services can help protect your business from cyber threats.

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