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Offensive Security

Stay one step ahead.

A holistic approach to security testing

Don't wait until a cyber attack disrupts your business. BDO’s Offensive Security services helps you stay one step ahead and empowers organizations to protect their assets, reputation, and bottom line.

Offensive security and penetration testing proactively identifies vulnerabilities across the attack surface of an application, network, or system using real-world attacker techniques. By performing these tests through the lens of an adversary, we can help you identify weaknesses in your attack surface, security capability, or custom code before threat actors can impact your business—avoiding potentially devastating cybersecurity incidents.

Our service supports multiple types of testing across diverse platforms including:

Identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your network posture to identify and eliminate issues that could lead to network compromise, while supporting regulatory compliance.

Custom built applications are the backbone of many businesses in today’s connected world. By taking a proactive approach to identifying and addressing security issues, businesses can safeguard their applications, protect sensitive data, and maintain customer trust—ultimately minimizing the risk of costly security breaches.

Answer tough question like “are we secure?” by evaluating every layer of your security control-set from the perspective of an attacker. Provide a comprehensive assessment of your security posture by testing your controls and incident response procedures in real-time.

Are your devices well protected against the latest antivirus evasion techniques? Our endpoint penetration test can help identify security gaps that attackers can use to compromise your devices if stolen.

Modern industrial processes rely on robots, sensors, and other automated systems to maximize production productivity. BDO can help safeguard these systems by identifying potential avenues of attack that could stop or negatively affect day-to-day operations.

Featured insights and offerings for Offensive Security

Resources to support your business

Cybersecurity budgets are increasing, as are the costs of data breaches

Security budgets are increasing, but so are the number and cost of data breaches.

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Our Offensive Security service is in your industry

Helping your business meet high consumer expectations and growing demands for convenience while still reducing costs and boosting profit.

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Reliable information and guidance to manage evolving regulations, new business models, and emerging technology trends to stay ahead of the curve.

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Our Offensive Security service supports the stage your business is in

Adapt and respond more quickly and effectively to the changing economic, legal, consumer, and market landscape.

Adapt, prepare & respond

Secure your most important assets through critical, preventative, and corrective measures.

Secure, protect & investigate

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