• Immigration Services

    Comprehensive immigration services to ensure
    seamless relocation.

Personalized service to support all cross-border moves

When looking to bring business into Canada, organizations may face a range of issues around bringing employees or executives into the country. In addition to navigating the rules, organizations must complete the right paperwork, whether they are applying for a work permit, Temporary Resident Visa or Canadian citizenship. BDO’s Immigration Services helps organizations through the process so they can get up and running on Canadian soil.

Our immigration team assists executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, senior management and intra-company transferees, and their families, obtain work permits, study permits, job validations, labour market opinions, Temporary Resident Visas, permanent residence, and citizenship.

We have helped individuals, from various sectors and industries including the entertainment and advertising industries, as well as skilled workers. Supported by our extensive network of tax professionals worldwide, BDO also offers comprehensive international and expatriate tax services, to ensure a seamless relocation process.

Business/Corporate Services

  • Intra-company transfers
  • International relocation of personnel to and from Canada
  • Inbound and outbound work permits, temporary visas to Canada, Canadian permanent residence, maintenance of lawful immigration status and other immigration needs of employees, and their families
  • Direction with respect to maintaining status in Canada while traveling abroad for personal or business reasons
  • Immigration law implications of any corporate changes, including mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, salary or location changes and reductions in the work force
  • Assistance and guidance on, corporate immigration policies and procedures
  • Collaboration with human resources and other employees on the immigration laws and immigration compliance practices
  • Labour market trends, process, compliance and maintenance within Service Canada’s criteria
  • Applications to Service Canada for Arranged Employment

Individual/Personal Services:

  • Applications for work permits under NAFTA, GATS, Canada-Chile FTA and other international trade agreements, and treaties
  • Preparing, collecting and submitting appropriate supporting documents for entry to Canada and the US as business visitors
  • Preparing, collecting and submitting appropriate supporting documents for entry to Canada and the US to provide after-sales service
  • Counselling on challenging visa situations such as inadmissibility due to criminal or medical issues or persons previously removed from Canada or unwanted persons
  • Applications renewals for temporary resident cards
  • Applications for various types of work permits under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • Assisting non-status individuals in Canada and regularizing their status
  • Family sponsorship applications including non-Canadian spouse, children, parents and grandparents
  • Canadian citizenship applications, including complex nationality cases, establishing citizenship by birth, counseling on the immigration aspects of loss of citizenship and counseling on the impact of acquiring citizenship in other countries
  • Live-in caregiver applications
  • Student application permits to Canada