• Risk Advisory

    Our national practice is dedicated to helping clients
    understand, assess, and mitigate the various risks
    inherent in their industry and organization.

Risk – inevitable, but not unmanageable

Every day, publicly accountable entities are faced with uncertainties that must be managed carefully, proactively, and with proper guidance, especially as they relate to compliance and regulations.

BDO’s Risk Advisory team services publicly accountable entities by providing innovative, cost-effective, and value-added solutions that make a difference, while taking into account the specific industry and size of the organization. Our partners are involved in every aspect of the engagement which helps to ensure increased productivity, efficiency, and faster decision-making on the issues that matter most.

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In each of our engagements, we are responsive, attentive, and tailor solutions specifically to clients’ individual needs. We also utilize the vast resources of our network in over 150 countries and serve as a resource to our clients. Our services include:

  • Internal Audit
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Independent Project Review services
  • Technology, Risk and Security
BDO also works closely with service organizations to develop Third Party Assurance solutions that fit with their unique resources and needs.
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