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As the leading specialist in insurance claims quantification, BDO’s Personal Injury Loss Accounting practice is dedicated to assisting insurance companies and defense or plaintiff counsel to quickly and equitably quantify accident benefits/Income Replacement Benefit (IRB) calculations, financial dependency, attendant care benefit, and tort claims.

Virtual Office

The Virtual Office (VO) is BDO’s online resource for clients who actively handle motor vehicle and other insurance claims. The VO offers customized, interactive and downloadable tools and reference resources, including:

  • Functional IRB, interest and date calculators, forms, guidelines, glossaries and FAQ questionnaires designed to facilitate the processing of claims for accident benefit specialists.
  • Calculator, checklists, decisions and articles to help determine financial dependency in priority disputes.
  • Articles and other resources to keep you up to date on the intricacies of tort.
Access to the Virtual Office:

Virtual Office

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