• Government Incentives

    Securing tax credits, grants, and financial incentives to fund
    research, innovation and growth initiatives.

Funding innovation and growth

The federal government, provinces and regional agencies provide a wide range of grants, tax and financial incentives to Canadian companies to support investments in new technology, export market development, and employment growth. BDO provides a comprehensive approach to accessing these funding programs.

Our combination of industry expertise, tax and accounting knowledge, and process methodologies enable our clients access not only to SR&ED Investment Tax Credits, but also direct funding for business expansions, capital acquisitions, adoption of new technologies, hiring, training, and export market development.

BDO’s SR&ED professional services Government Incentives team consists of over 70 engineers, software developers, scientists, technicians, tax and accounting specialists. Drawing on our diverse experience our engagement teams are able to identify funding opportunities and develop an implementation blueprint to support financial planning of future growth initiatives.

Our established relationships with various industry associations and government agencies ensure that we are providing our clients with the latest information on funding opportunities. With experience at the local, national and global level, BDO helps clients of all sizes improve internal reporting system requirements, innovate with new technology and grow their business.