• Aboriginal Consulting

    Helping Aboriginal communities and organizations achieve their socio-economic objectives

Recognizing tradition while moving towards economic prosperity

Today’s Aboriginal communities and organizations are seeking to improve infrastructure, social and economic conditions. To meet community needs, they must balance financial and operational stability, as well as plan for sustainable growth, with preserving values, culture, and a traditional way of life. 

BDO’s Aboriginal Consulting Services practice works collaboratively with Aboriginal communities and organizations to achieve their goals by providing support and guidance that aligns with their values. On their road to economic success, we work with Aboriginal clients throughout the socio-economic lifecycle to:

  • Manage difficult times by dramatically improving financial and operational controls and financial performance and service delivery in the short term
  • Set up for success by improving operational and financial effectiveness and implementing sustainable improvement
  • Make the most of economic and other opportunities to develop and achieve short and long term socio-economic goals

In addition, our professionals also work closely with non-Aboriginal organizations that partner with Aboriginal communities and organizations, including all levels of government, financial institutions, and intermediary organizations, to help our clients achieve their objectives within an Aboriginal context.

We work closely with our clients in their communities to ensure we have a deep knowledge of the issues for all stakeholders within the Aboriginal socio-economic ecosystem. BDO is the leading firm to offer full service consulting services with nationwide geographic coverage supporting Aboriginal organizations. We are proud supporters of a variety of Aboriginal organizations that strengthen and support Aboriginal success today and for future generations including the Assembly of First Nations, the Legacy of Hope, and the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association (AFOA).