Congratulations to our 219 successful CFE writers!

January 07, 2020

BDO is proud to celebrate the success of our people.

Today it was announced that 219 BDO employees from across Canada successfully wrote the Common Final Examination (CFE) last September. Passing this three-day exam is the final step in achieving the educational requirements for the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

This is a great achievement and is a significant step in their professional and personal growth. We applaud their hard work and determination and look forward to what they’ll accomplish next as valued members of BDO.

Congratulations also go to Mitchell Peters, Mani Ye and Kelsey Olsen, recipients of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada Honour Roll and the 2019 BDO Honour Roll Recognition Award.

BDO’s Successful CFE Writers of 2019
Name Office
Shiva Agarwal Alberta Office
Val Beimel Alberta Office
Morgan Govett Alberta Office
Usman Jamil Alberta Office
Vikki Khasilev Alberta Office
Wendy Osgood Alberta Office
Heonwoo Park Alberta Office
Polina Plotnikova Alberta Office
Safeer Rashid Alberta Office
McKenzie Schoenthal Alberta Office
Amen Sultan Alberta Office
Hayley Sutton Alberta Office
Sanjul Vaish Alberta Office
Brad Wiebe Alberta Office
Michelle Yee Alberta Office
Justin Tremblay Alberta Office
Jody Li Alberta Office
Aamir Husain Alberta Office
Kelsey Iwaschuk Alberta Office
Rayna (Rui) Li Alberta Office
Karen Xu Alberta Office
Charles-Antoine Plamondon Alberta Office
Kaitlyn Loeppky Alberta Office
Brad Rucka Alberta Office
Thomas Sanderson Alberta Office
Steven Sypkes Alberta Office
Moneeb Shahid Alberta Office
Lisa McArthur Atlantic Canada Office
Kelsea Hayward Atlantic Canada Office
John Snow Atlantic Canada Office
Sarah Walker Atlantic Canada Office
Emma Hough Collingwood Office
Jordan Lamp Collingwood Office
Kaytie Ayerhart Collingwood Office
Zachary Brush Collingwood Office
Chris Illman Collingwood Office
Ashley McKnight Collingwood Office
Jamie Anderson Interior BC Office
Kelsey Olsen Interior BC Office
Deni Truman Interior BC Office
Kelsey Walder Interior BC Office
Jaydon Agar Interior BC Office
Patricia Aranda Interior BC Office
Pavan Bengag Interior BC Office
Sandra Gagnon-Bourgoin Interior BC Office
Jamison Humeny Interior BC Office
Jessica Treat Interior BC Office
Tiana Verigin Interior BC Office
Kate Robertson Interior BC Office
Tegan Carruthers Interior BC Office
Bobbe Koenig Interior BC Office
Bobby Turnbull Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Paige Piczak Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Stephanie Ho Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Josh Silverstein Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Eric Boehm Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Janece Boersma Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Harpreet Brar Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Simran Dhinsa Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Anna Lin Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Harsh Pandya Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Katherine Rebry Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Henry Zawadzki Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Jacob Kieffer Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Michael Lagerquist Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Dana Cronin Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Samantha Day Kitchener/Waterloo Office
Mitchell Peters Manitoba Office
Abby (Briar) Wiebe Manitoba Office
Madison Johnston Manitoba Office
Michael Penner Manitoba Office
Micah Devlin Manitoba Office
Laurie (Longyu) Fan Manitoba Office
Ryan Terdik Manitoba Office
Antin Stowell Manitoba Office
Angelo Gabrielli Montreal Office
Kim Fortier-Tretault Montreal Office
Sandrine Gélinas-Durand Montreal Office
Marianne Gauvin Montreal Office
Larysa Pichakhchi Montreal Office
Alec Paris-Rannou Montreal Office
Caroline Soucy Legault Montreal Office
Patrick Teti Montreal Office
Emilie Tremblay Montreal Office
Julia Villeneuve Montreal Office
Qian Ye Montreal Office
Camille Barnes Montreal Office
Francis Brisson Montreal Office
Guillermo Garcia Castillo Montreal Office
Marc-Antoine Chaput Montreal Office
Vanessa Desjean Montreal Office
Olivier Jodoin Montreal Office
Melisa Pena Cornejo Montreal Office
Samuel Pillenière Montreal Office
David Roy-Leblanc Montreal Office
Manuel Santa Cruz Montreal Office
Emma Brohm North Bay/Barrie Office
Tish Hope-Hukezalie North Bay/Barrie Office
Melissa (Ye) Watson North Bay/Barrie Office
Michelle Whitney North Bay/Barrie Office
Sam Mabley North Bay/Barrie Office
Mickey Henry North Bay/Barrie Office
Sarah Beggs North Bay/Barrie Office
Mitchell Naylor North Bay/Barrie Office
Melissa Lamanna North Bay/Barrie Office
Stephanie Ong North Bay/Barrie Office
Alanna Ramnauth North Bay/Barrie Office
Joshua Burke North Bay/Barrie Office
Kevin Mann North Bay/Barrie Office
Carly Van Kessel North Bay/Barrie Office
Jessica Beatty Northern Ontario Office
Richard Kyle Baratta Northern Ontario Office
Devin Costa Northern Ontario Office
Tyson Ford Northern Ontario Office
Shannon Lane Northern Ontario Office
Alexandra Orr Northern Ontario Office
Justin Rob Northern Ontario Office
Luke Stacey Northern Ontario Office
Mathieu Belanger Ottawa Office
Christy Brown Ottawa Office
Daniel Mayer Ottawa Office
Karine Raymond Ottawa Office
Jarrett Erwin Ottawa Office
Darah Leith Ottawa Office
Nicholas Marston Ottawa Office
Neil Conti Ottawa Office
Adam Skoczylas Ottawa Office
Colleen Creighton Toronto Centre Office
Emad Taji Toronto Centre Office
Heather Douglas Toronto Centre Office
Hira Hassan Toronto Centre Office
Hassan Joyia Toronto Centre Office
Sanjida Khan Toronto Centre Office
Mathias Koeberle Toronto Centre Office
Michael Lalani Toronto Centre Office
Jonah Lazar Toronto Centre Office
Upkar Nagra Toronto Centre Office
Shefali Patel Toronto Centre Office
Ethan Schneeweiss Toronto Centre Office
Chris Simpson Toronto Centre Office
Mani Ye Toronto Centre Office
Rouba Bakhache Toronto North Office
Suraj Gahunia Toronto North Office
Gagan Khattra Toronto North Office
Crystal Koon Toronto North Office
Moto (Zhexi) Liang Toronto North Office
Sam (MingXuan) Liang Toronto North Office
Dylan Morrison Toronto North Office
Christopher Parete Toronto North Office
Tracy Szeto Toronto North Office
Anastasia (Constance) Tomson Toronto North Office
Abdullah Ullah Toronto North Office
Anthony Volpe Toronto North Office
Ryan Williams Toronto North Office
Allen (Jian Tong) Yang Toronto North Office
Alex Bisson Toronto West Office
Terry Giangregorio Toronto West Office
Shaganaa Gnanasegaran Toronto West Office
Jodie Nesbitt Toronto West Office
Evan Van Eerd Toronto West Office
Sabeera Azhar Toronto West Office
Amar Bola Toronto West Office
Daniel Dickson Toronto West Office
Melita D'Souza Toronto West Office
Raman Gill Toronto West Office
Alpesh Gondaliya Toronto West Office
Alex Herbert Toronto West Office
Ajenth Kanaesu Toronto West Office
Rayyan Khan Toronto West Office
Antony Marijanovic Toronto West Office
Cassandra Scrofano Toronto West Office
Riley Shaw Toronto West Office
Amandeep Singh Toronto West Office
Edward Wong Toronto West Office
Mingdi Zhong Toronto West Office
Peter Dhesi Vancouver Office
Nazeefa Badshah Vancouver Office
Sharon Cao Vancouver Office
Catherine Gao Vancouver Office
Maria Roberge Vancouver Office
Jag Sidhu Vancouver Office
Roderick Watson Vancouver Office
Andrew Ha Vancouver Office
Joseph Mah Vancouver Office
Lyla Huang Vancouver Office
Anjli Shah Vancouver Office
Christina Chen Vancouver Office
Dylan Hughes Vancouver Office
Philip Ji Vancouver Office
Cory Lang Vancouver Office
Tiffany Lau Vancouver Office
Harman Rahal Vancouver Office
Agyapal Singh Vancouver Office
John Le Vancouver Office
Emilia (Muyuan) Li Vancouver Office
Rebecca (Yingchao) Ma Vancouver Office
Tas (Tejinder) Mann Vancouver Office
Ana Liza Yatar Vancouver Office
Tatiana Mawani Vancouver Office
Zainab Rathore Vancouver Office
Caitlyn Rush Vancouver Office
Sarah Schrauwen Vancouver Office
Jastej Sidhu Vancouver Office
Andy Song Vancouver Office
Justin Song Vancouver Office
Eileen (Lingfan) Sun Vancouver Office
Luna Tsoi Vancouver Office
Tom Whicker Vancouver Office
Charlotte Young Vancouver Office
Winnie Zhang Vancouver Office
Marisa Harder Vancouver Office
Evan Dierickse Windsor/London Office
Shawn Phaneuf Windsor/London Office
Raminder Uppal Windsor/London Office
Dustin Barnier Windsor/London Office
Jessica Guerette Windsor/London Office
Samantha Tracey Windsor/London Office
Laura Redmond Windsor/London Office
Kevin Rowaan Windsor/London Office
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