BDO is proud to celebrate the success of our people

December 01, 2017

Today it was announced that 184 BDO employees from across Canada successfully wrote their Common Final Evaluation (CFE) this past September. Passing this three-day exam is the final step in achieving the educational requirements for the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

This is a great achievement and is a significant step in their professional and personal growth. We applaud their hard work and determination and look forward to what they'll accomplish next as valued members of BDO.

BDO's Successful CFE Writers of 2017
First Name Last Name Office
Jillian Adams Cambridge
David Barabé Montreal
Marley Barron Kamloops
Laurel Belcher Calgary
Sarah Biletski Langley
Justin Birkby Kitchener/Waterloo
Philip Bobby Winnipeg
Alex Bourgeois Chabot Montreal
Tyler Brown Charlottetown
Zac Brown Sarnia Front
Katie Bruce Winnipeg
Jonathan Buga Brandon
Brandon Carey Vancouver
Kevin Chan Mississauga
Thomas Chan Guelph
Alexandre Charlebois Rockland
Carly Charman North Bay
Jenny Chen Toronto Centre
Matthew Cheung Toronto North
Geneviève Chouinard Ottawa
Carlee-Ann Clingwall Salmon Arm
Chelan Couch Vernon
Jessica Coutts Calgary
Paul Cox Calgary
Jason Crevits London
Alexandra Cui Mississauga
Frank Culmone Windsor
Campbell Cuthill Edmonton
Greg DeGroote London
Jackie Dent Windsor
Pardeep Deol Burlington
Bianca Dewitt Salmon Arm
Robby Dhillon Kamloops
Christian Dimopoulos Toronto Centre
John Dinh Toronto Centre
Joshua Dryden Kitchener/Waterloo
Sam Eckert Owen Sound
Meagan Ellis Thunder Bay
Gaby Emard Revelstoke
Kyle Evans Toronto Centre
Lucy Fan London
Michelle Farley Embrun
Terra Fillmore Calgary
Jeremy Fong Vancouver
Colleen Foran-Govers Exeter
Emilie Fournier Montreal
Alicia Gillis Guelph
Karleigh Gore Chatham
Arjun Gulati Mississauga
Jeffrey Guzzo Sault Ste. Marie
Allyson Haarstad Vancouver
Vanessa Hanna Vancouver
Thomas Heming Toronto North
Courtney Hiebert Calgary
Zachary Hobbs Burlington
Kathleen Hodgson Sault Ste. Marie
Grayson Homuth Kitchener/Waterloo
Billy Hurley Mississauga
Janice Hutton Calgary
Xenios Ioannou Kitchener/Waterloo
Mudassar Iqbal Guelph
Heather Jack Chatham
Benjamin Johnson Langley
Brendan Johnson Strathroy
Sarah Johnson Vancouver
Scott Jolley Calgary
Anna Karpenko Montreal
John King Toronto Centre
Khristian Koulev Kelowna
Sophie Labonté North Montreal
Sabiya Ladha Toronto Centre
Mathias Lageix Montreal
Lingzi Layman Owen Sound
Dany Leclerc North Montreal
Aaron Lee Toronto North
Constance Lee Mississauga
Jiyoung Lee Burlington
Olivia Leewarden North Montreal
Jessica Lefley Peterborough
Amanda Leong Toronto Centre
Freya Lewis Orangeville
Ashley Libin Calgary
Stavrula Liritzis Toronto Centre
Angela Liu Vancouver
Bessie Liu Vancouver
Angela Lo Toronto Centre
Elaine Lou Toronto North
Vanessa Lyon Peterborough
Christina Mammoliti Toronto North
Yan Marciano Montreal
Gabriel Marijanovic Burlington
Joshua Marinelli Toronto North
Andrew Mather Whistler
Clayton McCrea Edmonton
Katie McLaughlin Peterborough
Jessica Mignacca Montreal
Namrata Mistry Toronto Centre
Aaron Morrill Calgary
Chris Morrison Dryden
Amran Nawaz Collingwood
Arthur Ng Vancouver
Elizabeth Ng Vancouver
Kamil Niemczyk Fort Frances
Pavan Nijjar Langley
Jessica Oliveira Toronto North
Anthony Ortega Winnipeg
Nicholas Pagan Ottawa
Alyssa Palardy Montreal
Trevor Paradoski Winnipeg
Vinochan Paramanantham Burlington
Trevor Partridge Woodstock
Vishal Patel Sarnia
Adam Pegler Toronto Centre
David Pereira Montreal
Patricia Perreault-Paiement Montreal
Chaelene Phaneuf Penticton
Ashley Phillips Edmonton
Matthew Piggott Dartmouth
Carolane Poirier Gauthier Montreal
Jordan Potter Thunder Bay
Verity Pringle Whistler
Spencer Puah Toronto North
Umair Qadeer Toronto North
Nicholas Raftis Cambridge
Zachary Ramsay Kitchener/Waterloo
Nicholas Rashotte Ottawa
Sacha Ratnarajah Vancouver
Shifa Rehman Vancouver
Anastasia Reznikova Newmarket
Jessica Robertson Calgary
Loïc Robitaille North Montreal
Martino Rustico Toronto North
Viraj Samani Toronto Centre
Daria Santucci Cranbrook
Nour Sassi Edmonton
Jeremy Schappert Winnipeg
Joshua Schappert Winnipeg
Tracey Schwartz Vernon
Aaron Sen Mississauga
Cory Serson Kitchener/Waterloo
Praneet Shah Mississauga
Rishabh Sharma Mississauga
Andrew Shaw Kelowna
Megan Sherwood Sault Ste. Marie
Jas Sidhu Vancouver
Brittany Sikesdi London
Irina Sinner Red Deer
Jason Sirr Burlington
Courtney Smith Barrie
Kelly Spence Burlington
Joel St-Denis Ottawa
Elizabeth Stecyk Edmonton
Jory Stefura Calgary
Brendan Stevens Mississauga
Chace Stokowski Calgary
Emmalyne Sullivan Peterborough
Erin Sunell Vancouver
Brad Sykes Calgary
Laxsana Thayanithi Toronto Centre
Vicky Thérien North Montreal
Alyssa Thomson Walkerton
Elizabeth Tkachuk Edmonton
Jennifer Tong Vancouver
Corinne Trottier Montreal
Jenelle Underdown Calgary
Jozef Vogel Kelowna
Dara Wall Montreal
Jenny Warren Calgary
Mollie Weichel Kitchener/Waterloo
Samantha Wells Toronto North
Nichelle Williams Calgary
Kurtis Williamson Guelph
Joseph Winnitoy Toronto ASP
Zacchaeus Wood Kitchener/Waterloo
Michael Woods Chatham
Taylor Woods Sarnia
Robert Wyka Toronto North
Cyan Xu Toronto North
Shary Xu Calgary
Shanna Yang Kitchener/Waterloo
Felix Yee Toronto Centre
Ryan Young Mississauga
Brett Zajac Winnipeg
Sherry Zhang Edmonton
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