The BDO Business Value Award – Celebrating 5 Years of Sustainable Success

September 30, 2016

Thousands of businesses enter the marketplace each year, but only a select few will thrive.The ones that succeed often make it look easy, but every business owner will attest that it takes much more than an innovative idea to achieve long-term success.

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive and ever-changing market, companies must be built using a sound strategy that will develop and evolve products and services to meet customer needs, and attract the right people to help them navigate the highs and lows.

BDO understands the importance of long-term thinking and has been partnering with PROFIT to acknowledge strategic-thinking businesses with our BDO Business Value Award.

These awards are presented to companies who build their brands using the components we believe are integral to achieving sustainable success: infrastructure, client relationships, talent, and innovative products and services. 

As we prepare to celebrate five years of recognizing ground-breaking Canadian companies, we take a look back at previous BDO Business Value Award winners who were strategic from the start. These companies built prosperous brands by establishing great corporate cultures, nurturing lasting client relationships, and providing products and services that differentiated them from the market, which helped carry them forward and generate long-term financial success.

2011 Winner - Doxim

Founder: Chris Rasmussen
Founded: 2000
Innovative idea: Provide platforms that focus on helping banks, credit unions, wealth management firms and service providers maximize their customer engagement and personalize their customer communications.
Secret to sustainability: Infrastructure. Doxim uses a scalable platform in order to accommodate thousands of customers while simultaneously increasing staff efficiency. Once customers are in the system, everything is automated, so Doxim doesn’t have to add employees every time they add customers.
*Last available revenue range: 10-19.9 million  Approximate number of employees: 106

2012 Winner – Thinkwrap Commerce

Founder: Stephen Byrne
Founded: 2004
Innovative idea: Work with corporate clients to unify their commercial activities across all channels used to interact with customers, including online, in-store, mobile, social media and call centres. 
Secret to sustainability: Talent. Thinkwrap Commerce believes in finding the right people who share the same cultural fabric and the commitment to excellence. Taking the time to find people with the right knowledge and experience allows them to plan and execute much more effectively than if they had a growing team just cutting its teeth.
*Last available revenue range: 10-19.9 million  Approximate number of employees: 72

2013 Winner - Vega

Founder: Charles Chang
Founded: 2001
Innovative idea: Provide a wide variety of premium, plant-based products.
Secret to sustainability: Products. Instead of developing and carrying thousands of products, Vega limits their product line so that they can focus on providing each product with the supplemental support it needs. This includes everything from books, educational videos, PR and product research. Vega also focuses on niche products to differentiate themselves from the competition.
*Last available revenue range: 50-99.9 million  Approximate number of employees: 167

2014 Winner - The White House Design Company

Founder: Jan Stimpson
Founded: 2001
Innovative idea: Provide an innovative line of comfortable, fashionable clothing that celebrates the diversity of the feminine figure.
Secret to sustainability: Relationships. The White House Design Company believes in the importance of hard work and staying true to your passion. They are continually looking for ways to empower people and take every opportunity to help employees, retailers and consumers reach their full potential.
*Last available revenue range: 10-19.9 million  Approximate number of employees: 111

2015 Winner – FCV Interactive

Founder: Johann Starke
Founded: 2005
Innovative idea: Provide clients with interactive services that enable them to engage end-users through ground-breaking digital experiences. 
Secret to sustainability: Culture. By being innovative, constantly evolving, and staying focused on putting user needs first, FCV Interactive is able to deliver solutions that get the best possible return on investment for their clients. They believe in empowering everyone to do their best work for clients and encourage a transparent environment that employees want to be a part of.
*Last available revenue range: 10-19.9 million  Approximate number of Employees: 128

The winner of the 2016 BDO Business Value Award will be profiled in the Winter issue of Canadian Business.

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