BDO provides global support for Family Business

May 26, 2015

With family businesses being the backbone of the economy world wide, it is critical that family business owners have access to best practice advice from advisers who understand the challenges faced by families who are in business together.

As one of the largest international firms providing advice and services to private and family owned businesses, BDO is delighted to advise that it will be the premier sponsor of the 2015 Family Firm Institute (FFI) Conference to be held in London in October 2015. The FFI is widely recognised as the world’s most influential network of thought-leaders in the field of family enterprise, with a primary objective to further the cause of family businesses around the world. Support of FFI will further BDO’s development of best practice advice and support for our clients.

In addition to sponsoring the global conference, BDO is also undertaking a Global research project that will contribute to the understanding of family business opportunities and challenges. Driven by a discovery questionnaire undertaken with family business owners, the collective data will provide significant input to further understanding of, and insights into, specific family business issues.

If you would like to take part in the Global research project, which will include an advance copy of the final report once completed, please contact Daphne McGuffin to arrange a time to discuss the short questionnaire.

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