Controller recruiting and part-time Controller services

Customize your accounting and finance needs to your business.

Our team helps you find the right Controller for your business—from part-time Controller services to full-time permanent or temporary Controller recruitment. We personalize our services to fit your company's size, stage of growth, and budget. Together we can set your accounting and financial operations on the right track—ensuring you are compliant while helping propel your company's growth.

Part-time Controller services vs. Full-time Controller recruiting
By engaging with BDO's Controller services, you can choose from two easy options:

  1. Part-time Controller services
  2. Full-time Controller recruiting

Part-time Controller services

Some organizations don't necessarily need a full-time Controller but do need someone to manage the accounting and financial aspects of their business. Let our outsourced Controller services team provide you with your organization's part-time Controller solution.

By using a part-time Controller, an organization can allocate its costs to a Controller for just the time it needs. Part-time outsourced Controller services allow companies to manage their financial commitment yet still receive world-class accounting and financial support.

Controller recruiting

Many organizations prefer or need an in-house full-time Controller to manage the accounting and financial aspects of their business. Let our experienced recruiters search for the best person to manage your organization's accounting and financial needs.

We are not simply another executive recruitment agency. As part of one of Canada's largest professional services firms, our recruiters draw on deep industry connections and years of experience in accountant staffing to match you with top-tier accounting and financial candidates.

How our Controller options help you

  1. Personalize your Controller needs to your company and budget.
  2. Get the financial leadership your team requires.
  3. Save time on recruiting and hiring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide for companies seeking a Controller?

You may choose from two options:

  • Full-time Controller recruiting
  • Part-time Controller services

Why do you offer two Controller services options?

Some companies find that they don’t require a full-time Controller at their earliest stages of development. A part-time Controller, also known as outsourced Controller services, allows companies to lower their financial commitment yet still receive world-class financial support.

Can you help me select the right option for my company?

Yes, absolutely. We can help you decide whether your organization needs a full-time or part-time Controller. In fact, many of our clients begin the conversation by explaining their needs and then asking us to recommend a path forward: to recruit a full-time Controller or bring on our part-time Controller services.

How does your service work?

Our process helps ensure that your new Controller arrangement fits your company’s needs, budget, and culture—whether you select a full-time or part-time option. The process comprises two easy steps:

  1. Scoping — A collaborative exploration of how we can help you now and into the future.
  2. Onboarding — A transition made easy by discovery meetings, mutually agreed timelines, and prearranged key outputs.

What does a Controller do?

A Controller prepares all of your financial reporting, manages your accounting and financial needs and executes your organization’s financial strategy, protecting your company and helping it grow. Also known as a Finance Manager, Accounting Manager, Senior Controller, or Director of Finance, the Controller fills a key role in your management team.
The controller differs from the CFO. Where a CFO is responsible for overall strategy, a Controller takes the lead on the crucial activities of financial reporting, compliance, and complex accounting policies related to accruals, deferrals, and receivables. A Controller’s duties depend on the company’s industry and stage of growth.

How will Controller services help my company?

What a Controller does depends on your company’s exact needs. Much depends on your stage of growth. Your Controller will help you:

  • Clarify your financial reporting and keep your business on track – A Controller can help your business improve operations and performance by going inside the numbers to provide insight.
  • Reduce your risk of fraud – Having a Controller ensures the segregation of duties between spending and reporting, adding a layer of governance to protect your business.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance – Tax and financial regulations can be overwhelming. A Controller will help you stay on the right side of both federal and provincial requirements.

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