CFO services for technology and life science companies

A World Finance research report found that four of the five fastest-growing industries in the world are in the technology and life sciences space.

As such, companies should always be preparing for the next level of success. At the financial level, this starts with a strategic CFO and an operationally tight controller.

For companies where full-time people is unnecessary, using an outsourced CFO or controller is a cost-effective alternative. But what is an outsourced CFO or controller service, and what are the benefits?

CFO-For-Hire and a Controller-For-Hire can provide part-time services like regular financial diagnostic assessments, ongoing financing strategy, back office financial support, forecasting and budget preparation and financial reporting and analysis, to name a few.

For start-ups, this means access to capital, clear and realistic numbers to show investors and lenders, unquestionable compliance, and an expert's eyes on term sheets or lending agreements.

For emerging companies, it's about managing teams, extending the runway, establishing effective processes, and leveraging the right tools to minimize growing pains.

For mature firms, the focus is scaling. Considerations at this stage include process and team, effective resource planning, data analytics and how to leverage them, international expansion, acquisition, and profit management.

BDO professionals deliver

We provide collaborative, personalized, and fully managed CFO and controller services. We can:

  • define the controller and CFO job descriptions
  • ​arrange part-time or temporary company controller and CFO support
  • prepare a company for growth or sale
  • plan and implement core financial priorities and strategies
  • provide the financial visibility to take action and manage business goals

Bringing us on is easy

Worried about outsourcing? There are three easy steps to transition your critical back-office function:

  1. Scoping: a collaborative and explorative understanding of how we can help.
  2. Onboarding: a smooth entry with discovery meetings, mutually agreeable timelines and key outputs.
  3. Service excellence: day-to-day requirements, as well as ongoing accounting, tax and advisory support as needed.

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