CFO recruiting and part-time CFO services

Personalize your accounting and finance needs.

The days of a one-size-CFO are over. Whether you need a full-time CFO, part-time CFO services, or an interim CFO, our team can help you. We personalize our services to fit your company's size, stage of growth, and budget. Together we can set your accounting and financial operations on the right track—ensuring you are compliant while helping propel your company's growth.

Choose from two easy options to accommodate your accounting and financial needs:

  1. Full-time CFO recruiting
  2. Part-time CFO services

Full-time CFO recruiting

Many organizations seek a full-time CFO to oversee their accounting and financial needs. Let our experienced CFO recruiters help you do it.

We are not simply another executive recruitment agency. As part of one of Canada's largest professional services firms, our business is the accounting and financial field. Drawing on deep industry connections and years of experience in accountant staffing, we will match you with top-tier accounting and financial candidates and bring unbeatable insight to every CFO search.

Part-time CFO services

Some companies find they don't require an in-house, full-time CFO—especially at their earliest stages of development. Part-time CFO services on an outsourced basis allow companies to manage their financial commitment yet still receive world-class financial support with an outsourced CFO.

Three ways our CFO options help you

  1. Personalize your CFO needs to your company and budget.
  2. Get the financial leadership your team requires.
  3. Save time on recruiting and hiring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you provide?

You may choose from two CFO staffing options:

  • Full-time CFO recruiting
  • Part-time CFO services

Why do you offer two CFO options?

Some companies find that they don’t require a full-time CFO at their earliest stages of development. Part-time CFO services allow companies to lower their financial commitment yet still receive world-class financial support.

Can you help me select the right option for my company?

Absolutely. We are happy to help you select the best method to fill your CFO needs. While some of our clients come to us set on either a full-time or part-time arrangement, other companies ask us for assistance in determining which option makes the most sense for them.

How does your service work?

Our process helps ensure that your new CFO arrangement fits your company’s needs, budget, and culture—whether you select a full-time or part-time option. The process comprises two steps:

  1. Scoping — A collaborative exploration of how we can help you now and into the future.
  2. Onboarding — A transition made easy by discovery meetings, mutually agreed timelines, and prearranged key outputs.

What does a CFO do?

The CFO is the top financial professional in your organization, protecting your company and helping it grow. A CFO’s duties depend on the company’s industry and stage of growth. They run the gamut of functions—regular financial diagnostic assessments, ongoing financing strategy, back-office financial support, forecasting and budget preparation, and financial reporting and analysis.

How will CFO services help my company?

The CFO’s exact role varies according to your company’s needs. Much depends on your stage of growth. Some examples:

  • For newer companies — establish foundational processes, pull together clear and realistic numbers to show investors and lenders, extend the runway, provide airtight compliance, and bring a professional's eye to term sheets and lending agreements.
  • For emerging and mature companies — manage profits, prepare the company for growth or a sale, plan resources effectively, build in data analytics, advise on international expansion.

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