Private equity mid-year trends 2017

June 08, 2017


With the rapid expansion of the private equity (PE) market in recent years, there are a number of global and national factors — such as economic, political, social, environmental and more — to consider when building a successful investment portfolio. These factors impact not only the PE market as a whole, but every individual firm as well.

BDO’s global network and focus on the mid-market allows us wide-reaching access to current trends in the PE market both in Canada and abroad. Our Private Equity Mid-Year Trends 2017 Report gives a consolidated perspective on the PE landscape and examines how it is trending at mid-year 2017.

This report’s insights include:

  • The Big Picture: Long-Term Trends and Developments
  • The Big Picture: Social Aspects and Impacts
  • Specific Trends: The Global Picture
  • Specific Trends: The Canadian Picture

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