Simplify complicated IFRS16 lease calculations

October 07, 2019

Get accurate and timely lease accounting services

Finance teams are scrambling to fulfill the requirements of IFRS 16―complicated lease accounting calculations and subsequent journal entries. The implementation of other recently issued IFRS standards (IFRS 15 and IFRS 9) proved challenging for many controllers and CFOs without independent, external support―resulting in expensive, time-consuming audits.

Finance executives need to be confident in the implementation of an accounting standard that dramatically changes accounting practice.

BDO lease accounting services can ease the often-complicated process and assist with a smoother audit.

BDO can help

We understand the complicated calculations involved in implementation of IFRS 16, so we offer solutions that make ongoing accounting―and critical decision-making―easier for controllers, finance VPs, and CFOs. Contact our lead accounting services team today to learn more.