Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)

June 06, 2017

Are you looking to collaborate internationally on industrial research and development (R&D)? Is there high potential for commercialization resulting from your R&D project? CIIP provides seed funding to enable a collaborative bilateral relationship with a partner country.

Through CIIP, the Canadian government helps Canadian businesses foster collaborative R&D relationships on industrial projects where high commercial potential exists. Delivered in most cases through the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), CIIP seeks to accelerate the commercialization of R&D.

CIIP stimulates bilateral science and technology networking and enables new partnerships to thrive. CIIP supports Canadian companies to commercialize technologies with international partners in countries where Canada has a Science, Technology and Innovation Agreement. Canadian embassies and consulates may assist in this effort. Funding is provided for activities that support the development, adoption, and/or adaptation of innovative or technology-driven new or improved non-military products, services or processes. Expected results are that Canadian companies grow and prosper through science, technology and innovation – both domestically and in global markets. Partner countries currently include:

  • Brazil
  • China (pending)
  • India
  • Israel (pending)
  • South Korea (pending)

Contact BDO to learn more about the application process for CIIP, including the application deadlines for each country.

Who is right for CIIP?

The CIIP focus is on small or medium sized companies (SMEs) in Canada. The program offers significant flexibility. SMEs can propose to develop any new civilian product, process, or service and can control the direction and construction of the project. The partner country can be chosen by the SME.

Program Objectives

Not only does CIIP offer funding that Canadian companies would not otherwise receive, there are many positive outcomes that benefit Canada as a whole. It helps to push the boundaries of competitiveness domestically and globally. Working with these partner countries can give Canadian businesses a deeper understanding of new markets, innovative technology, and the latest in industrial research and development. It enables SMEs to begin fostering partnerships that can grow into long-term relationships that can increase commercialization of R&D domestically and promote Canada as a destination of choice for investment from other countries.

Eligible R&D Projects

Industrial R&D projects eligible under CIIP are:

Technology Adaptation: to ensure that a proven innovative product, process, or service will be adaptable to a new market where country-specific requirements and regulations may differ. Accelerated adoption may be an objective or perhaps collaborative testing of adaptations to the product.

Technological Validation: to confirm the acceptance of the new product, process, or service within the foreign or Canadian market. It will help identify what the traction might be with potential innovators, early adopters, and the majority of consumers to help ensure that the venture will do well.

Technology Co-Development: to acquire or develop a product that is best-in-class or a whole product for the potential market. If through the process of a venture, it is determined that the product, process, or service is missing a critical piece to its success in the market, co-development R&D activities work to fill this gap.

How can BDO help?

BDO's Advisory Services Group can help you conceptualize your idea and prepare you for the program. BDO is available to assist with opportunity identification, business planning, and preparing the technical and financial elements of the application. BDO can also support the development of a strategic approach with regard to how government grants and incentives, including CIIP, fit within your company's future growth plans.

For more information, contact your local BDO office.

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