• Public Private Partnerships (P3s)

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As the country’s infrastructure continues to age, Canada is turning to private companies for help – in financing, designing, building, and operating projects that play an essential role in our country’s continued growth and success. These Private Public Partnerships (P3s) offer great opportunity, both to domestic organizations as well as to competitive companies from overseas.

P3s have many moving parts, from Canada-specific rules and regulations to tax implications and finance issues. BDO has worked with both public and private stakeholders to meet these challenges, providing valuable advice and services, such as conducting financial model audits, tax planning, and restructuring.

BDO’s dedicated team has provided advice and guidance to numerous large-scale P3 projects, including the Champlain Bridge, Regina Bypass, and South Fraser perimeter road projects. Our partners are involved throughout the project lifecycle, helping us deliver quick turn-around times while maintaining the highest possible level of service.