• Aboriginal Organizations

    Our partner-led practice group provides an integrated suite of services to help our Aboriginal clients.

People you trust, guidance you need

Differences abound among Canada’s Aboriginal communities, organizations, companies and individuals – in language, culture, and history. Complex tax regulations, financial ecosystem and legislation create a challenging operating environment with a wide range of obstacles that are unique to the different industries in which Aboriginal entities operate.

The needs of Aboriginal communities vary, and so should the strategies that serve them. Some require foundational services to lay the groundwork for future growth, while other, more established entities require specific, sophisticated services to both grow and sustain their enterprises.

From accounting and auditing to economic development and operational optimization, BDO draws on deep experience helping clients resolve a range of complicated issues. Across Canada, our Aboriginal Services Practice has an in-depth understanding of community-specific issues. We bring a deep understanding of how Aboriginal communities operate, and can formulate and implement the unique and effective strategies to meet their needs.

Our partner-led practice group provides a comprehensive, integrated suite of services to help our Aboriginal clients evolve through strategic, actionable plans – no matter what growth phase they’re in. Our services include:

  • Governance
  • Capacity Building
  • Taxation
  • Resource Development and Management
  • Capital Project Management
  • Trusts
  • Settlements and Claims
  • Financial Services and Management
  • Technology Solutions
  • Aboriginal Consulting Services