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    Addressing some of our common questions.

What is the company culture of BDO?

At BDO, we believe in a "one firm" concept. As part of our team, you will be surrounded by mentors and colleagues who support your career development. Our partners take an active interest in your progress, and our managers and senior managers will give you day-to-day technical guidance and feedback.

How does BDO support its CFE writers?

A CFE finalist may be partnered with a "buddy" who will be a recently-qualified CPA, someone who has gone through the same process successfully. You will receive ongoing counseling, write practice exams and have them marked locally and through National Office.

Do I need to be bilingual (French and English)?

Being bilingual is required in some offices, particularly those in Québec and New Brunswick, as well as some other communities like Ottawa and Winnipeg. In most other offices, bilingualism is an asset but not necessity requirement.

Is it beneficial to speak other languages?

Being multilingual is an asset so if you are fluent in more than one language, please highlight this in your application.

I am an international student and wish to apply to BDO. How should I apply?

If you are an international student and wish to become a Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), please contact CPA Canada in the province in which you will be working to determine the requirements to pursue a designation. Prior to applying to any firm, you should ensure that you are legally eligible to work in Canada.

If you are legally eligible to work in Canada, check out our list of career opportunities across Canada and apply online.

Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

You are encouraged to apply for any and all positions in which you are interested.

Can I submit my résumé for future opportunities?

Yes, general applications are submitted to the general talent pool where they are available to the entire BDO human resources and recruiting team. By applying to our Future Opportunities roles, roles, your resume will be on file for future consideration.

What makes BDO unique?

BDO offers all of the benefits of a smaller practice, with the resources of a larger operation. As a team-oriented firm, our partners are actively involved in your training and career development. From the start, you will work on a file from start to finish and have ownership of your work. You will have more responsibility and gain valuable work experience that will help you build your career.

As one of the largest firms in Canada, we offer you access to opportunities and benefits that are consistent with firms of this size, such as connection to a global accounting network, and resources like financial assistance for the CFE. Aside from work, BDO employees are also involved in sports teams, social events, and volunteering.

Will I have to choose an industry right away?

Absolutely not. We will not ask you to choose or specialize in an industry from the start. Later, you may choose to specialize in an industry if you want.

Will I be able to transfer to another office or service line?

Yes, you will be able to transfer to another office within the region, province, nationally or internationally. You will also have the opportunity to transfer into another service line once you pass the CFE, if you so choose.

We always strive to retain the employees at our firm and regularly post opportunities on the BDO website and in each individual office. Transfers are arranged for the mutual benefit of individuals and the firm. You are welcome to discuss this with your human resources advisor.

When will job postings go up?

September, May and January are the most active months for recruiting. However, we have advertised positions during other months of the year depending on business needs. 

Does BDO hire students outside of co-op programs?

Yes, if schools do not have a co-op program we will still hire for summer employment.

How will I know when the BDO team will be on campus?

Visit our social calendar to see when we will be visiting your campus! 

What type of social activities does BDO offer to employees?

This varies depending on each individual office location. Many of our offices have formed social committees or culture groups. Some offices are involved in sports or volunteering events to enjoy time together outside of the office. 

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