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Business Transition

Business Transition Services
We can show you how to lead your transition to a bigger future
Undoubtedly, your business will transition many times during its lifecycle. By proactively planning for each one of these transitions you can ensure that when the time arrives for the biggest transition of all - the sale of your business - you can sell under your terms.

Succession planning conjures up images of retirement and death so it’s no wonder business owners are reluctant to think ahead to the day when they will no longer run their company.
So instead of talking about your exit, we at BDO focus on transitioning to a bigger future – a bigger future for you, your family and your business. We “begin with the end in mind” to ensure you have maximum choice around how and when to sell.

The BDO SuccessCare Program™

The BDO SuccessCare Program™ is a unique process that helps you manage each change or transition so that your business is always ready for sale. It helps you plan for a bigger future by creating and implementing an integrated transition plan that meets the objectives of the three key areas of your business:
  • The Personal Area: Achieving personal goals and financial independence for you, your family and/or your business partners
  • The Ownership Area: Preservation and protection of the business equity and other physical assets
  • The Business Area: Building a sustainable and saleable business

Our goal is to help you create more choice around how and when you eventually transition the leadership and ownership of your business.

Learn more about the BDO SuccessCare Program