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“What’s it worth?”
Whether you are involved in launching, growing, or selling a business, at key points in the life cycle of this enterprise you’ll need to know the answer to this question.
The use of business valuations is an integral part of corporate decision making in today’s complex business environment. There are many reasons why one needs a valuation, from regulatory purposes to succession planning.
BDO is able to bring an in-depth team of accredited business valuators from across Canada to handle engagements that range from small owner managed business to large public company transactions. We ensure that we understand the needs of our client. To that we bring a thorough, logical valuation approach that takes into account the most recent pronouncements from standard-setting bodies, tax authorities and the courts to provide a clear, concise valuation report with a well-supported conclusion.
Our national team of chartered business valuators and chartered accountants is respected for its professional abilities and knowledge of current statutes and court decisions. Business owners, lawyers and lenders are assured of receiving clear, concise, well-supported valuation reports and opinions for the following purposes:
Whether you are experiencing a significant business or personal transition or making a vital financial decision, you can be confident that BDO will provide you with a valuation that is objective, credible and reliable.